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Latest Rotherham Online Winners

by Peter Catt


The end-of-year Classical tournament organised by the award-winning Rotherham Online website resulted in a triple tie for first place.  It was former Yorkshire over-the-board champion Chris Shephard (Sheffield Nomads) who finished on top of the leaderboard on tie-break.


Shephard, who is also a former British Correspondence Chess champion, drew with second placed Greg Eagleton (Huddersfield) in the last round but won the tournament on the second tie-break after both had finished on 5/6.


In third place was Deji Jeje, from the Sheffield-based SASCA club, who also finished on 5/6.


Twenty-nine players took part in the open-to-all tournament, played at the rate of 30 minutes plus a 30 seconds per move increment.


Full results can be found here: https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/championship-season-8, and the round-6 game Eagleton v Shephard can be found here: https://lichess.org/BPmaSFT5.



A Rapid competition was played alongside the tournament, split into two rated sections, with Shephard just missing out on a double when he finished second to Sheffield Nomads teammate Henry Withington in Section A after losing their third round individual encounter.


Withington finished on four-and-a-half out of five, with Shephard on 4.  Sheffield University's James Luong pipped Geoff Brown (Darnall & Handsworth) on tie-break for third place with 3/5.


Results can be found: https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/rapid-s2-a.

Round-3 game Withington v Shephard can be found here: https://lichess.org/pETfy8yt.


Hillsborough's Ben Wood finished well ahead of the field in Section B winning all five games following a fluctuating last-round encounter with Darnall & Handsworth's Craig Chatterton.


Chatterton finished second on tie-break, ahead of Steve Gibson (Sheffield Deaf), both on three and a half.


Results can be found at https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/rapid-s2-b.

Round-5 game Wood v Chatterton can be found at https://lichess.org/mwl5xA1K.