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World Championship Game 7


The seventh game between Magnus Carlsen and Yan Niepomniashchy was played on 04/12/2021.  Given that Carlsen had gone into the lead after round 6, the score now being 3½-2½ to Carlsen, Niepomniashchy’s choice of opening as White was potentially interesting.  Was it to be another Ruy Lopez, or would he try something completely different?


It was a Ruy Lopez, following game 5 up to Black’s 10. … d6, whereupon White varied with 10. d3 instead of 10. c3.  By move 30, straight forward play resulted in an ending with each side having K + R + 3Ps (f, g and h-pawns on each side).  This was not agreed drawn there and then, but instead play continued for another 11 moves, and only then was a draw agreed. 


Click here to play through Game 7, Yan Niepomniashchy ½-½ Magnus Carlsen.