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England v Rest of the World


Round 2 of the “England v Rest of the World” Scheveningen tournament at the 2021 London Chess Classic was played on 4th December.


The team score after round 1 stood at England 1-2 Rest of World.


The pairing system being used seems an unorthodox form of Scheveningen, as England all had Black at the same time.  Maybe lots are drawn for colour the first time a given pair of players meet.


Michael Adams was first to finish.  He was a pawn up, but could hold on to it at the end only by allowing a repetition, and giving it back would worsen his position.  Second to finish was Gawain who Jones conducted a nail-biting attack as Black, and his opponent was very close to retrieving the situation in a very “hairy” game.  Luke McShane was the player most likely to lose on the basis of ratings.  He sacrificed a pawn in the opening to activate a knight, yet ended up in a double rook and pawn ending with an extra pawn.  This ending developed into a cumbersome pawn race, but the game was agreed drawn at move 67.


Second-round results were as follows:


Nikita Vitiugov


Michael Adams


Maxime Lagarde


Gawain Jones


Boris Gelfand


Luke McShane



That left the team score after round 2 standing at England 3-3 Rest of World.