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England v Rest of the World


The 2021 London Chess Classic, organised under the aegis of the charity Chess in School and Communities, is scheduled to run from 3rd to 12th December 2021 at The Cavendish Conference Centre, Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT.  The main activity of interest to the wider, adult chess-playing community is an international Scheveningen team tournament, England v a “Rest of the World” team.


First-round results were as follows:


Michael Adams


Boris Gelfand


Gawain Jones


Nikita Vitiugov


Luke McShane


Maxime Lagarde



This match is of course reminiscent, in name, of the past USSR v Rest of the World matches.


In case you do not know, a Scheveningen tournament is contested between two teams, and involves each member of a team playing against each member of the other team (in this instance twice), though members of a given team do not play members of the same team so that it is not an individual all-play-all.  Thus there is no need for the concept of “board order” as far as the basic pairing principles are concerned, though organisers sometimes arrange pairings on the basis of relative strength, so that the final round is in effect board 1 v board 1, board 2 v board 2, and so on.


The England team consists of

Michael Adams (FIDE 2714),

Luke McShane (FIDE 2667)

and Gawain Jones (FIDE 2654),

and the RoW team consists of

Nikita Vitugov (FIDE 2734),

Boris Gelfand (FIDE 2674)

and Maxime Lagarde (FIDE 2647).


All 6 are of course Grandmasters.


It rather appears the “Rest” players have been selected so as to as nearly as possible equal the England players regarding average rating.  The “Rest” in fact have a 20-point total superiority over the England players, which is of course of no significance whatsoever, so a close contest is to be expected, though probably with more individually won games than in the co-occurrent World Championship match, with any luck.


Schedule: Friday 3rd December to Thursday 9th December (6 rounds) (4pm – 10pm)

The time control is 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 30 minutes for rest of game, with a 30-second increment per move from move 1.


The playing schedule, with games starting at 4.00 p. m., is as follows:


Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Rest day:


Round 4:


Round 5:


Round 6:



Live coverage is to be available at http://www.londonchessclassic.com/live-games.html.