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World Championship Game 5


The fifth game between Magnus Carlsen and Yan Niepomniashchy was played on 01/12/2021.


Game 5 followed game 3 up to Niepomniashchy’s 8. a4 whereupon Carlsen varied with 8. … Rb8.  Queenside pawn exchanges resulted in an essentially symmetrical pawn structure.  Then both players swung their queen-side knights to g3 and g6 respectively, and the stage looked set for perhaps a bit more piece-shuffling followed by another draw.  White played on, however, presumably hoping somehow to induce Carlsen to make a crucial error, which is never likely to happen at this level in such a relatively simple position.


The number of viewers on Lichess rose gradually as play went on, and by White’s 27th move was over 13,000, and there will have been a similar number, presumably, watching on chess.com.


White developed a superficially better position while Black simply battened down the hatches, and the virtually inevitable draw was agreed at move 43.


Click here to play through Game 5, Yan Niepomniashchy ½-½ Magnus Carlsen.