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World Championship Game 3


The third game between Magnus Carlsen and Yan Niepomniashchy was played on 28/11/2021.


Game 3 followed the course of game 1 for the first seven moves, then Niepomniashchy varied with 8. a4 rather than 8. h3.  By move 32, things had reduced to a same-colour bishop ending with each player having five pawns.  Carlsen’s pawns were all isolated, and two were doubled, whereas Niepomniashchy has three connected paws on the k-side against two isolated ones.  Whilst a draw was not being agreed, it was not evident either side was really playing for a win, and a draw was indeed agreed at move 41.


Click here to play through Game 3, Yan Niepomniashchy ˝-˝ Magnus Carlsen.