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British On-Line Championship 2021, Round 5


Round 5 of the 2021 on-line British Chess Championships was played on 03/08/2021.


Leaders Keith Arkell and Michael Adams drew.  Adams voluntarily gave up a rook for bishop and a single pawn, which many of us would automatically shy away from - bishop and two pawns, maybe!  Adams engineered a mechanism for threatening to win a pinned pawn, the defence of which by Arkell would allow Adams to effectively force a draw by repetition, which is how it played out.

(Click here to play through the game Arkell - Adams on screen.)


Meanwhile, of the score group half a point behind, Yichen Han and Bogdan Lalić won their respective games, meaning there are now four joint leaders on 4 out of 5:

Michael Adams, Keith Arkell, Bogdan Lalić, Yichen Han.


Robert Starley was the round-5 victim of Bogdan Lalić.

(Click here to play through the game Starley 0-1 Lalić on screen.)


Mark Hebden, the other GM in the field apart from joint leaders Adams, Arkell and Lalić, lost further ground by drawing with Arjun Kolani, after not managing to convert an extra pawn into a win.

(Click here to play through the game Hebden - Kolani on screen.)


Round 6 (of a total 9 rounds), on 04/08/2021, sees the leading pairings

Michael Adams v Bogdan Lalić,

Keith Arkell v Yichen Han,


on board 5 there is

Jonathan Blackburn v Robert Starley.