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UK Open Blitz Championship 2019: Newcastle Qualifier


The first batch of qualifier events (i.e. those held on 07/09/2018) attracted few Yorkshire entrants.


The Newcastle qualifier, held at The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was won by GM Daniel Gormally with 14 points out of 15, the draw being with 3rd-4th-placed Yichen Han.


The only obvious players with Yorkshire connections were Tim Wall who though from the Newcastle area nevertheless plays for Leeds in the Woodhouse Cup, and Robert Starley of Leeds University.


Tim Wall finished 5th to 6th equal, on 9 points out of 15, while Robert Starley finished 10th to 12th equal on 8 out of 15.



At least three Yorkshire players are expected to play in the Manchester qualifier on 14/09/2019, namely James Adair (York), Noel Stewart (York) and Joe Varley (Hull).