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Northumbria Masters, 2019


Following the need back in June 2018 to cancel the event organised for 16th to 20th February 2019, the event nevertheless rose again, phoenix-like, to be played 6 months later.


The 2019 Northumbria Masters took place at Novotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Airport, from 23rd to 27th August 2019, with three 9‑round FIDE‑rated tournaments, Masters, Challengers and Major.  It is obviously the 9 rounds which make such an event somewhat different from the typical weekend congress.


Masters (wherein FIDE title norms were potentially to be gained), with a prize fund of 2,950.

This was won by Roeland Pruijssers of the Netherlands, on 7 out of 9 points, followed in joint second place by Alexander Donchenko of Germany, and Alan Merry of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, each on 7 points

There were 5 Yorkshire players among the 54 participants, though none got anywhere near the place prizes:

James Adair, who finished 16th-20th =, on 5 points out of 9;

Peter Shaw, who finished 21st-29th =, on 4 out of 9;

Peter Gayson, and

Mate Ther, who both finished 30th to 42nd =, on 4 out of 9;

Paul Johnson, who finished 46th to 50th =, on 3 out of 9.


Challengers (under 2050 FIDE, under 180 ECF), with prize fund of 975.

This was won by Ran Song of China (and 3Cs).  There appear to have been no Yorkshire players among the 29 participants.


Major (under 1825, under 150 ECF), with prize fund: 975.

This was won by Alexander Brodie of Scotland, on 7 out of 9 points.

There appear to have been three Yorkshire players among the 34 participants, one securing a place prize:

Siefaldin A Holi, who finished 2nd, on 6 out of 9;

Vivien Webster, and

David Teague, who each finished 4th to 10th =, on 5 out of 9.


There was also to be a one-day Junior Rapidplay, with under-11 and under-14 sections, on Friday 23rd August, though it seems that in the event there were only 8 entries, none from Yorkshire, meaning there was a single all-play-all junior section played.