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Darnall & Handsworth Rapidplay, 2019


Open Crosstable

Major Crosstable

Intermediate Crosstable

Minor Crosstable


The 4th Darnall & Handsworth FIDE-rated Rapidplay took place at Stradbroke Community Centre, Richmond Road, Stradbroke, Sheffield, S13 8LT, on Saturday 31/08/2019, again with Adam Raoof as chief controller.


The Open section attracted 14 participants.  First and second prizes were shared by YCA President, Jim Burnett, and Mike Surtees of Great Lever, who each scored 4˝ out of 6 points, both losing to Paul Hutchinson of Scunthorpe, who nevertheless managed only 4 points, so sharing 3rd and 4th places with Sheffield’s Chris Shephard.


The Major section attracted 28 entrants, who were supplemented by organiser Geoff Brown acting as “filler” in round one.  First to third places were shared by Robert Starley of Leeds University, Jeremy Hamm of Sheffield, and Andrew J Stoker of Stockport.  Rather curiously, Starley lost to Stoker, Stoker lost to Hamm, and Hamm lost to Starley, otherwise they won all their games, each ending on 5 points out of 6.


The Intermediate section attracted 32 entrants, who were supplemented by D&H member Danny Dawson supplemented as “filler” in round 6.  First place was taken by Daniel Hill of Hull with 5˝ points out of 6.  2nd place was taken by Zak Tomlinson of Doncaster with 5 points out of 6.  3rd and 4th places were shared by Ned Carmichael of Hull and Nathaniel Holroyd-Doveton of Rotherham, each with 4˝ points out of 6.


The Minor section attracted 30 entrants, who were supplemented by D&H members Mick Turnidge and Danny Dawson as “fillers” in round 1.  1st and 2nd places were taken by John Light of Leeds and Limewood & Scarcroft, and Aisha Benhamida of Manchester, each scoring 5 points out of 6.  Third place was taken by Paul Leonard of Manchester with 4˝ out of 6.