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Holmfirth Chess Club AGM


We would like to welcome the recent creation of Holmfirth Chess Club. †The club meets on a Wednesday night at the Farmerís Arms in Holmfirth, currently averaging 10-12 adults and 6 to 10 juniors a session. †The club held its first AGM on the 26th June 2019, to appoint officers and agree direction.


Andrew Dearnley has assumed the role of Chairman and Secretary, with Steve Westmoreland running the teams and finances.


They are starting to charge a membership fee: £10 per adult, but juniors join for free.


They plan to enter teams (all 5-player) in Huddersfield & DCA events as follows: 1 team in the Watkinson, 2 in the Examiner Handicap, and 2 in the Knockout.† Their players will combine with Huddersfield for the Calderdale League.


Further, they plan to play in the Yorkshire league jointly with Huddersfield. †A number of current players have strong ties with Huddersfield and are very active with both clubs.