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1868, Dudley, Staffs.



28/03/1946, Middlesbrough





Harold Edward Wright seems to be the only resident of the Middlesborough area who could be the chess-player “H. E. Wright, Middlesbrough” who represented Yorkshire in county matches before the First World War.


Non-Chess Life


Harold Edward Wright’s parents were mechanical engineer James Wright (born 1842/43, Dudley) and Jane Wright (born 1842/43, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees), who had at least the following six children:


Hugh F Wright

1863/64, Dudley

Harold  Edward Wright

1868, Dudley

John H Wright

1871/72, Birmingham

Gertrude H Wright

1874/75, Birmingham

Mabel A Wright

1876/77, Stockton‑on‑Tees

Charles E Wright

1878/79, Stockton‑on‑Tees


Harold Edward Wright’s birth was registered in the third quarter of 1868, at Dudley, Staffs.


The 1881 census found the parents and the above six children living with one servant at 27 Westbourne Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham.  The father was described as a mechanical engineer.


The 1891 census recorded the father as a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and “chairman of S board”.  Hugh was recorded as a mechanical draughtsman, while Harold was down as a metallurgical chemist.  John and Gertrude weren’t listed in their parents’ household.  Mabel and Charles were scholars.


Entry 449 (page 225) of the marriage register of St. Clement’s, Higher Openshaw, Lancs., recorded the marriage on 04/09/1895 by Thomas Dickinson, rector, of 26-year-old bachelor Harold Edward Wright, metallurgist, of Hartburn, Stockton-on-Tees, son of James Wright, mechanical engineer, to 22-year-old spinster Margaret Annie H. Farnworth, daughter of John Farnworth, mill manager.  The couple had at least the following seven children:


Leslie Francis Wainwright

born 1896/97, Stockton‑on‑Tees

Violet Helena Wainwright

born 1898/99, Stockton‑on‑Tees

John Hubert Wainwright

born 1901/02, Middlebrough

Harold (?) Wainwright

born 1903/04, Middlebrough

Daphne Louise Wainwright

born 1905/06, Middlebrough

Charles Howard Wainwright

born 1907/08, Middlebrough

Inga Marguerite Wainwright

born Mar/Apr 1910, Middlebrough


The 1901 census found Harold, still a metallurgical chemist, living with his wife and first two children, Leslie and Violet, at 446 Newport Road, Middlesbrough.


The 1911 census found the two parents, seven children and two servants living at St. Cuthbert’s House, Newport, Middlesbrough.  Our man described himself in the census return as a metallurgist and analytical chemist to Sir B. Samuelson & Co. Ltd, whose interests included blast furnaces, mines and coke ovens, and whose business was the manufacture of pig iron etc.


Our man seems to have spent the rest of his life resident in the Middlesbrough area.




Probate records state that Harold Edward Wright of Herdholt, The Avenue, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, died 28/03/1946.  Probate was granted to his eldest two children, Leslie Francis Wright, managing director, and Violet Helena Hunter, married woman.  He left effects of £2,767 19s 7d.




He played on board 15 of the 1888 match between the West Yorkshire Chess Association and the Tyneside and Tees-Side Chess Association at Harrogate.


At the time that Isaac McIntyre Brown was trying to recruit northern counties into what was to become the Northern Counties Chess Association, he communicated with our man was secretary of the Tees-Side Chess Association as the nearest thing at the time to a Durham chess association.


Living in the northern extremities of the North Riding precluded him from playing in the Woodhouse Cup, yet he played in county matches for Yorkshire during the decade prior to the First World War.





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