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roughly 1787 to 1893, West Alvington, Devon


Q4 1869, Carlisle


Robert Perring was born at West Alvington in Devon, a mile or so west of Kingsbridge, which is about eleven miles south of Totnes and about 20 miles east of Plymouth.  The 1841 census (which tended to round to multiples of 5) gave his age as 50.  The 1851 census gave it as 60, which is consistent.  The 1861 census gave it as 68, which seems too precise to be less accurate.  The quarterly deaths return gave his age at death in the last quarter of 1869 as 81 (but 6’s were often written so squashed that they looked like 1’s, so maybe he was 86 at death).  So his year of birth was 1790/91, or 1792/93, or 1787/88.


He married Jane Eliza Marshall (born about 1800/01, at Kingston, Hampshire) around or before 1820.  She was apparently a writer of children’s stories and poetry.  The couple had at least seven children:

Elizabeth Ann Perring

born 1820/21

Robert Marshall Perring

born 1825/26

Henry Scobell Perring

born 1825/26, at Stanwix, Carlisle, Cumberland

Fred G Perring

born 1827/28

Charles Augustus Perring

born 1829/30

Alfred R Perring

born 1831/32

Edwin Arthur Perring

born 1837/38, in Leeds


From the birthplace of the eldest son places the family in Cumberland.  Stanwix is a district of Carlisle, about a mile north of the city centre.  Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Cheshire, Cumberland etc, 1828-29, listed Robert Perring as editor of the Carlisle Patriot (published on Saturdays).


The Perrings must have moved to Leeds in about 1829, as White’s Leeds & Clothing District Directory, 1830, listed Hernaman and Perring, letterpress printers, and proprietors of the Leeds Intellegencer, (published on Thursdays) at 20 Commercial Street, Leeds, with his home at Blundell Place.


Baines’s General & Commercial Directory of Leeds, 1834, listed Robert Perring, letterpress printer, and proprietor and publisher of the Leeds Intellegencer (publishd on Saturdays) at 19 Commercial Street, with home at Woodhouse Terrace, Leeds, suggesting he’d bought out Hernaman.


The 1841 census listed our man as an editor, living with his wife and the above seven children at Hanover Square, Leeds.


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1842, listed Robert Perring & Co. printers and proprietors of the Leeds Conservative Journal, offices at 23 Commercial Street, with home at 38 Springfield Terrace, Leeds.


The Perrings seem to have left Leeds at some time from 1842 to 1847 as White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing Districts, 1847, seems not to have listed Robert Perring any more.


The 1851 census found Robert and Eliza Jane Perring living at Botcherby, Carlisle, Cumberland.  Botcherby is a district of Carlisle, a mile or two east of the city centre.  Our man was listed as editor of a weekly newspaper.


The Post Office Directory of Cumberland, 1858, listed Robert Perring Esq, at Howard Place, Warwick Road, Carlisle, and listed Robert Perring and son Henry Scobell Perring as proprietors and publishers of the Carlisle Patriot., published on Fridays and Saturdays.  Henry Scobell Perring lived at Harraby House, Carlisle.  Another son, the Rev. Charles Augustus Perring, was listed as the incumbent at St. James, High Street, Whitehaven, living at 17 Catherine Street, Whitehaven, Cumberland.




Robert Perring’s death was registered in the last quarter of 1869, at Carlisle.  He was recorded as being 81, though his actual date of birth is far from clear.




Robert Perring attended the first meeting of the original Yorkshire Chess Association in January 1841, but is not recorded at any later such meeting.





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