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1874, Cinderford, Gloucestershire



1951, Norwich area



Charles Frederic Lines’s middle name seems always to be spelt without a terminal “k”.


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Charles Frederic Lines were Richard Lines (born 1844/45, in the Old Brompton district of Gillingham, Kent) and Rosa Maria Lines (born 1844/45, Portsmouth, Hants.).  This couple had at least two children:


Charles Frederic Lines

born 1874, Cinderford, Glos.

Ernest R Lines

born 1878/79, Rochester, Kent


The birth of Charles Frederic Lines was registered in the fourth quarter of 1874 at Westbury o Severn, Gloucestershire.  His place of birth, Cinderford, or more specifically Cinderford East, is in the Forest of Dean, about 11 miles WSW of Gloucester, and about 10 miles East of Monmouth.


Father Richard was a schoolmaster, but with the twist that he was attached to the prison service.


The family was presumably resident in Cinderford in 1874, but had moved to Rochester, one of the Medway towns in Kent, by 1879.


The 1881 census found the parents and two children living at Union Street, Rochester, Kent.  Father Richard was a schoolmaster and “HM assistant [something illegible] Borstal.”  Charles was only 6 at this stage.


The 1891 census found the parents and Charles, but not Ernest, living at H. M. Convict Prison, Gillingham, another of the Medway towns.  (Charles’s middle name was spelt without a “k”.)  Father Richard was a certificated schoolmaster in Her Majesty’s Convict Service.  16-year-old Charles had no stated occupation.


In the next ten years Charles joined the civil service, more specifically the inland revenue.  This led him to become resident in the Huddersfield area, where he met his future wife, Martha Gertrude Shaw, of Farnley Tyas, about 5 miles SE of the centre of Huddersfield.  Chess records imply he had moved to the Huddersfield area by November 1899, when he’d be 25 years of age, or very nearly.


The 1901 census found Charles visiting his widowed future mother-in-law, Selena Shaw, and his future bride at Farnley Tyas.  Charles was described as an inland revenue officer.


Entry 67 in a marriage register of St. Lucius, Farnley Tyas, records the marriage there, on 10/06/1902, of 27-year-old Charles Frederic (with no “k”) Lines, bachelor of Almondbury, employed by the Inland Revenue, son of Richard Lines, schoolmaster, to 22-year-old Martha Gertrude Shaw, spinster of Farnley Tyas, daughter of Edmund Dyson(?) Shaw, butcher, deceased.


Chess records place Charles still in the Huddersfield area in March 1908.  He may well have remained in the area for some time after than.


Charles Frederic Lines is elusive in the 1911 census.  He appears in time to have left Huddersfield, and ended up in the Norwich area.




The death of a Charles F. Lines, at age 76, was recorded in the first quarter of 1951, at Norwich.




“C. F. Lines” was active as a Huddersfield player from 1899-00, or earlier, to 1907-08, or later.  During this period he played in at least 46 Woodhouse Cup matches for Huddersfield, and at least 8 county matches for Yorkshire, as well as playing for Huddersfield in other inter-club matches.  (No all data for the period in question are to hand.)





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