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Feb/Mar, 1881, Dewsbury



22/12/1954, Stoke‑on‑Trent



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Henry Roscoe Ibbotson’s parents were George William Ibbotson (born 1848/49, Cawthorne, 4 miles W of Barnsley) and Sarah Jane Ibbotson (born 1841/42, Dewsbury), who had at least the following three children, all born in Dewsbury:


Amy Ibbotson

born 1875/76

Benjamin S Ibbotson

born 1878/79

Henry Roscoe Ibbotson

born Feb/Mar 1881


Father George William Ibbotson’s occupation was a curious vacillation between variations of blacksmith or herbalist, or both at the same time.


The 1881 census found the parents and younger two children at Vulcan Road, Dewsbury.  Father George was an “engine smith”.  Henry’s age was given as only one month, hence he was born in February (probably) or April (possibly) 1881.  5-year-old Amy was presumably with relatives, a seemingly common circumstance when there was a very young baby in the family.


The 1891 census found the family of five living at 10 Boothroyd Lane, Dewsbury, which remained the family home for at least a further twenty years.  Father George was now a “medical herbalist and blacksmith”.  Amy was a “musical student”.  Benjamin and Henry were scholars.


The 1901 census found the family, except mother Jane, still at the same address.  Father George was now a woollen-mill blacksmith.  Benjamin was an “engine pattern maker”.  Henry was described as a medical student.  Mother Jane must have been away from home at the time.


The 1911 census found parents George and Jane living at the same address with 30-year-old son Henry and Sarah’s 73-year-old widowed sister, Elizabeth Thackrah.  Father William was now a drug retailer, while Henry was still described as a medical student.  One wonders what form of medical study Henry was undertaking, seemingly from home, given that he’d been a medical student seemingly for over ten years.


The marriage of Henry Roscoe Ibbotson to Margaret Eugenie Moorhouse was registered in the second quarter of 1917, at Leeds.


At some stage Henry Roscoe Ibbotson left Dewsbury and ended up in Stoke-on-Trent.




Probate records tell us that Henry R. Ibbotson of 728 London Road, Oakhill, Stoke-on-Trent, died on 22/12/1954.  Probate was granted to Margaret Eugenie Ibbotson, widow.  His effects totalled £7,394 6s 4d.




Dewsbury was not represented in the Woodhouse Cup in 1903-04, but entered in 1904-05.  Henry Roscoe Ibbotson, however, didn’t start playing for Dewsbury in the Woodhouse Cup until the 1905-06 season.  Thereafter he was a regular player for Dewsbury.


His participation in county matches started in 1908 with the 1908 Cheshire-Yorkshire match, the 1908 Yorkshire-Lancashire match, and the 1908 Middlesex-Yorkshire match.





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