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The parents of Charles Richard Hoon were William George Hoon (born 1823/24, Hackney, Middlesex) and Mary Hoon (née, Murphy, Colchester, Essex) who married in 1850, in Stepney, and had the following children:


William George Hoon

born 1851, Stepney

Charles Richard Hoon

born 1853, Hackney

Marion Elizabeth Hoon

born 1856, Hackney

Renetta Hoon

born June/July 1860, Hackney


The 1851 census found William, a clerk in the London docks, and Mary living at 5 White Horse Lane East, Mile End Old Town, Stepney.


The 1861 census found the parents, Charles, Marion and Renetta, and a servant, living at 4 Mary Cottages, Lavender Grove, Hackney.  Father William was chief clerk in a dock company’s office.  William Junior was not listed for some reason.


The 1871 census found the full family of six, but no servant, still at 4 Mary Cottages.  Williams senior and junior, and Charles were all clerks, while the girls were scholars.


In 1879, in Hastings, Charles Richard Hoon married Elizabeth Howard (born 30/09/1857, Stepney), and went on to have the following children:


Howard Charles Hoon

born 1881, Walthamstow

Edith Clare Hoon

born 1882, Walthamstow

Margaret Rebecca Hoon

born 1883, Leytonstone

Mary Dorothy Hoon

born 1885, Leytonstone

Ethel Bessie Hoon

born 1887, Hampstead

Clement Hoon

born 1888, Hampstead

Ida Phyllis Hoon

born Aug/Sep 1890, Hampstead


The 1881 census found mercantile clerk Charles and wife Elizabeth living on Capeland (?) Road, Walthamstow.  At the time they had a visitor who it seem was a relative of Elizabeth.


First child Howard Charles Hoon was born after the census, in the first half of 1881, but died in early 1882 (or late 1881) without reaching his first birthday.  After having foru daughters, another son came along in the second half of 1888, but died at or near birth, or at best by the end of the year.  One daughter followed.


The 1891 census found the parents and above five daughters, and two servants, living at 8 Gladys Road, West Hampstead.  Charles was still a mercantile clerk.


Electoral rolls show that the family moved three times in the next ten years: in 1892/93 to 53 Upper Kyverdale Road, Stamford Hill, Leytonstone; in 1895/96 to 157 Upper Kyverdale Road, Hampstead; and at some time thereafter to 8 Tennison Road, Croydon.


Thus the 1901 census found parents, five daughters, a boarder, and a servant living at 8 Tennison Road, Croydon.  Charles was now specifically a wine merchant’s clerk.


Edith seems to have left the parental home during the next ten years, though evidently did not marry.  (She died aged 76 in 1958.)


The 1911 census parents, four daughters (Margaret, Mary, Ethel and Ida), the same boarder, and a “lady help” living at 9 Jackson Lane, Highgate.


Charles Richard Hoon ended up residing at 25 Church Road, Leatherhead.




Charles Richard Hoon died on 11/11/1932, in the County Hospital, Epsom.  Probate was granted to his wife Elizabeth.  He left £4,030 18s  9d.




He seems to have started playing club chess in London as early as 1871.  He played on board 7 for the South in the 1894 second North v South match, drawing with George Cann Heywood of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  In 1895 he played for the Metropolitan Chess Club against the Chess Bohemians in a consultation match.  At each board two players from one club played in consultation against two players from the other club.





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