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George Gustav Hein was born in 1841 in Danzig, which was then in Prussia.  His ages in censuses combined with his age at death imply he was born during the period 01/04/1841 and 01/10/1841.  His wife was Jenny Auguste Hein who was also born in Danzig, Prussia, in 1845/46.  In 1911 they had been married forty-four years, so they’d married around 1856/57, presumably in Prussia, before moving to England.


When the couple arrived in England is unclear, but by 1869 they were living in Wakefield.  They had seven children, all born in Wakefield:


George Gustave Bucke Hein

born 1867

Richard H Hein

born 1868/69

Ellen L Hein

born 1870/71

Lucy M Hein

born 1872/73

Mary W Hein

born 1874/75

Ethel Jenny Hein

born 1877/78

Max H Hein

born 1880/81


At first George used the German spelling “Georg”.  This is shown by entry 699 in the baptism register of St. Hellen, Sandal Magna, Wakefield, which records the baptism on 29/09/1867, by the vicar W. Butler, of “Georg Gustav Bucke Hein”, son of “Georg Gustav Hein”, corn merchant of Milnthorpe, Sandal Magna, and Jenny Auguste Hein.


The 1881 census found the parents and seven, along with three servants, at Bellefield House, Barnsley Road, Wakefield.  George was described as a corn factor.  Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, similarly listed him at Bellefield House, only the second address along Barnsley Road starting from Bridge Street.  Further, the directory indicates he was a partner in Dunns & Co., corn factors on Thornes Lane.


George Gustav Hein was in fact in partnership with John Jackson.  The London Gazette of 06/07/1900 contained a notice to the effect that from 30/06/1900, the partnership was being dissolved by mutual consent, to be continued by George alone.


The family remained at Bellefield House to 1911 and later, and George senior remained a corn merchant (or agent).  By 1891, George junior and Richard had left home, but there were still two servants.  In the 1901 and 1911 censuses, only Ethel remained of the children listed at the parental home, and there were only two servants.  (Mother Jenny happened to be away from home at the time of the 1901.)  In the 1911 census George Gustav Hein described himself as a retired corn merchant.




The death of George Gustav Hein was registered in the fourth quarter of 1922, at Wakefield.




George Gustav Hein seems not to have attended any of the annual meetings of the west Yorkshire Chess Association, but he was active in match play.


He played on board 60 of the 1883 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.


He played on board 69 of the 1884 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.


He represented Wakefield in the Woodhouse Cup in 1885, 1886.





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