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James Bowmer Allison


Joseph William Allison


1869, Skellingthorpe, Lincs.


01/12/1866, Skellingthorpe, Lincs.


20/06/1869, Skellingthorpe


29/12/1864, St Nicholas & St John, Lincoln


1925, Sunderland


1949/50, Southport






Non-Chess Life


The parents of James Bowmer Allison and Joseph William Allison were schoolteachers Joseph Allison (born 1830, Thorganby, Yorkshire; baptised 26/09/1830, Thorganby) and Emma Allison (née Bowmer, 1838/39, Derby) who married on 29/12/1864, at St Nicholas in Newport, Lincoln.  The couple had seemingly just three children:


Mary E Allison

born 1865/66, Skellingthorpe, Lincs.

Joseph William Allison

born 01/12/1866, Skellingthorpe, Lincs.

James Bowmer Allison

born 1869, Skellingthorpe, Lincs.


The 1871 census found parents, both of whom were schoolteachers, the three children, of whom the older two were scholars, and a domestic servant, living in the rural village of Skellingthorpe Lincolnshire.


The 1881 census found parents and three children living at 5 & 6 Seed Hill Row (perhaps the modern Seed Hill Terrace), Mixenden, to the north of Halifax.  Father Joseph was still a teacher though mother Emma was no longer one; Mary was a student teacher, and the boys were both scholars still.


The 1891 census found parents and two boys living at 33 North Parade, in the centre of Halifax.  Father Joseph was now surprisingly said to be a tea merchant, with mother Emma being a teacher of dress-cutting.  Joseph was an accountant’s clerk and James was an elementary-school teacher.


James Bowmer Allison


In 1897, at Newport, Monmouthshire, James Bowmer Allison married Alice Edith Allison (née Mead, 1866/67, Cardiff).  They had at least one child:


James Allison

born 1899/90, Coln, Lancs.


Though chess records place J B Allison in Halifax as late as 1895, it seems James may have shortly thereafter moved to Coln, in Lancashire, on the basis of the place of birth of son James.


The 1901 census found parents James and Alice, son James, a servant and a boarder, living at 65 Coldra Road, Newport, Monmouthshire.


James seems elusive in the 1911 census.


Joseph William Allison


The 1901 census found Joseph William Allison still living with his parents, at 29 Union Street, Halifax.  Father was still a tea merchant, mother still a teacher of dress cutting, while Joseph was now an accountant.


In 1910, at Ormskirk, Lancashire, Joseph William Allison married Louisa Hemingway (born 21/07/1886, Shipley).  Whether they had any children is not immediately evident.


The 1911 census found Joseph, a chartered accountant’s clerk, and Louisa, living at 6 Abbey Gardens, Birkdale, in the SW of Southport, Lancashire (as was, now Merseyside).


The 1939 found Joseph and Louisa living at 13 Beech Grove, Southport.  Joseph was an accountant to a corn-miller.




James Bowmer Allison died in 1925, in Sunderland.  Joseph William Allison died, aged 83, in 1949/50, in Southport.




Both brothers were evident as chess-players in Halifax, but younger brother James Bowmer Allison was the more noticeable.


J B Allison attended the 1888 meeting of the West Yorkshire Chess Association.


J B Allison played for Halifax in the Woodhouse Cup of 1890-91.


J B Allison played for Halifax in the 1893 Leeds v Halifax match.


In 1895, both brothers played in the 10th Annual Tournament of the Yorkshire County Chess Club, of which J B Allison was at the time secretary.





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