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Identity of the Chess-Player


“M. Winterburn” who entered the third section of the 1929 Scarborough Whit Congress was described as a 15-year-old boy from Dewsbury.  In reminiscences of the late Maurice Child, member of Dewsbury Chess Club from 1932 to 2007, published on Huddersfield &DCA’s website, recalled a Rev. Maurice Winterburn, who had recently died aged 91 and was uncle to Roger N Winterburn of the same club, being a leading player in Dewsbury in his time there.  [www.geoffpeake.co.uk/HDCA/Dewsbury.htm]


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Maurice Winterburn were James Edward Winterburn (born 1879, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury) and Emily Winterburn (née Exley, 1882, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury), who had at least the following two children:


Lewis Winterburn

18/09/1908, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury

Maurice Winterburn

02/03/1914, Dewsbury


The 1911 census found parents James and Emily living with son Lewis at Scotts Yard, Town Street, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury.


Maurice Winterburn was born on 02/03/1914, in Dewsbury, probably in the Earlsheaton district.  He became a clergyman, but on the basis of the reminiscences of Maurice Child, Maurice Winterburn must have remained resident in Dewsbury for some time before moving round the country taking different posts as a clergyman.


In 1929 Maurice was still a boy living in Dewsbury


Kelly’s West Roding directories for 1927 and 1936 listed father James Edward Winterburn as fruiterer in the covered market at Dewsbury.


The 1937 Telephone Directory listed father James Edward Winterburn as a fruit merchant in Sharp Street, Dewsbury.


Older brother Lewis Winterburn married Amy G Willacy (born 1912) in 1939, and these two were the parents of Roger N. Winterburn (b. 1946, Dewsbury), who still plays for Dewsbury; also Conrad V Winterburn (b. 1941, Dewsbury); and Daphne C Winterburn (b. 1948, Dewsbury).


Maurice in turn got married in 1941, at Dewsbury, to Ada Townend.  The couple had at least the following two children, both born in Manchester:


Philip Winterburn

born 1943

Christina J Winterburn

born 1944


The place of birth of these children shows Maurice had by 1943 taken up a post in Manchester, where, by 1948, he was “pastor “of the “Manchester Holiness church”, which sounds like the Wesleyan Holiness Church, 150 Boundary Lane, Hulme, Manchester, suggesting Maurice was a Methodist rather than a C. of E. cleric.  His residence at this time was 7 Kedleston Avenue, Victoria Park, Manchester 14.


On 09/1/1948 he left Southampton aboard the Queen Mary, starting a trip to Salem, Ohio, at the invitation of a pastor in Tacoma, Washington, in order to spend three months preaching in various churches through the West of the USA.  He arrived back in Southampton, on the Queen Elizabeth, on 18/04/1949.


By 1952, Maurice’s family had moved to 12 Beechwood Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham.


In January 1952, or before, Maurice, wife Ada, and children Philip and Christina undertook a trip to South Africa, arriving back in Southampton on 25/01/1952.


By 1955, Maurice and family had moved to 12 Hillier Road, Battersea, London, where they remained until at least 1960.


By the early1960’s he seems to have been resident at 33 Elmfield Mansions, Wandsworth, London.


In 1968, Maurice was appointed vicar of Lye and Stambermill, near Stourbridge, Worcestershire, where numbers attending St Mark's, Stambermill (11 miles west of Birmingham), had dropped significantly, but “Mr Winterburn soon began to build up the congregation through his inspired, challenging preaching and pastoral care.”  [Obit. Birmingham Evening Mail, 03/11/2005.]  St. Mark’s, it seems, was C. of E.


In 1978 Maurice’s residence was Lye Vicarage, High Street, Lye, Worcestershire.  Lye is a district of Stourbridge, on the way from Stourbridge to Halesowen.


In 1979 Maurice retired from work, moving from Lye to live in Halesowen.  In retirement he continued preaching extensively.


He was author of a centenary history of an organisation called The League of Prayer; “The League of Prayer: 1891–1991” by Maurice Winterburn was published in Rotherham, in 1991.




The Rev. Maurice Winterburn died on 27/06/1905, at Halesowen.


Brother Lewis Winterburn died in 2000, in Dewsbury.




He is recorded (see above) as being a past prominent member of Dewsbury Chess Club, presumably in the period from around 1929 to 1934 or so.


“M. Winterburn” entered the third section of the 1929 Scarborough Whit Congress, being identified in reports as a 15-year-old boy from Dewsbury.


He was a regular on board 1 for Dewsbury in the I. M. Brown Shield in 1932-33 and 1933-34, but did not play in the Dewsbury team which won the I. M. Brown in 1934-35.  It may be that he dropped out of chess for a period while studying, then resumed participation later.


Whether he kept up his chess activity after leaving Dewsbury is unclear.





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