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1873, Eccleshill, Bradford


30/03/1873, Bradford


1942/43, Bradford




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Lovell Edward Williams senior was born in 1842/43, in Stepney or Edmonton, according to which census you believe.  The 1851 census found Edward Williams living at Tyrrel Square, off Tyrrel Street, Bradford, with sons Lovell E Williams (senior, the chess-players father to be) and Frank Williams, and mother-in-law Maria Dobbins and niece Charlotte Dobbins.


In 1870, Lovell E Williams (senior) married Emily France (born 1847/48, Leeds), in Bradford, and the couple had at least the following children:


Edith Emily Williams

born 1871, Eccleshill

baptised 27/08/1871, Bradford

Lovell Edward Williams (junior)

born 1873, Eccleshill

baptised 30/03/1873, Bradford

Florence Margaret Williams

born 1875, Eccleshill

baptised 28/11/1875, Bradford

Mary Winifred Williams

born 1878, Eccleshill

baptised 09/06/1878, Bradford

Frank Ashworth Williams OR

Frank Ashburner Williams

born 1881, Ilkley

baptised 08/05/1881

Dorothy Williams

born 1883, Ilkley

Harold France Williams

born 1885/86, Ilkley

John Reginald Williams

born 1887/88, Ilkley


The 1871 census found Lovell E Williams (senior), who was a clerk, and his wife living in Leeds.


The 1881 census found parents, the first five children, and two servants, living at Moorland View, Wheatley, Ilkley.  The father was a commercial clerk.


The 1891 census found parents, the last six children, and a servant, living in Ilkley.  The father was a yarn merchant’s clerk.


Thus is seems the chess-player, Lovell Edward Williams junior, had moved back to Bradford at some time from 1881 to 1891, and presumably at or near the end of that period, on the basis of his age.


Harold France Williams died aged 10, in 1896, in Bradford, which suggests the parents and those of the family still at home had moved back to Bradford at some time from 1891 to 1896.


The Bradford directories of 1898, 1901 and 1912 listed Lovell Edward Williams, cashier, living at 2 Northcote Terrace, Undercliffe Old Road, Bradford.  This was clearly the father, as the son was in 1901 a designer of furniture, not a cashier.


In late 1900 or early 1901, Lovell Edward Williams junior married Florence Turnley (born 1878/79, Bradford).


The 1901 census found Lovell Edward Williams junior, with Florence, living in the Idle area of Bradford.  He was a designer of furniture.


The 1911 census found Lovell Edward Williams senior, wife, children Florence, Mary, Frank and Dorothy.  Father was a merchant’s clerk.


Lovell Edward Williams senior died on 05/03/1916, in Scarborough.  Wife Emily was the beneficiary of his will.  This suggests he had moved from Bradford to Scarborough, especially as the 1917 Kelly’s Bradford directory listed an unrelated resident at 2 Northcote Terace.


Meanwhile the 1917 Kelly’s Bradford directory listed Lovell E Williams (junior) as a furnisher designer with business premises at 45 Park Crescent Undercliffe, and home at 6 The Grove, Idle.




Lovell Edward Williams junior died in 1942/43 in Bradford.




The main claims to fame of Lovell Edward Williams (junior) would seem to be beating Capablanca in his 1919 Bradford simultaneous display, and similarly beating Reginald Joseph Broadbent in Bradford in 1938.


It would appear he confined is chess-playing to local, Bradford, chess, and perhaps in the I. M. Brown Shield competition, as he does not seem to appear in the Woodhouse, or as a county player.






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