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1891/92, Sanday, Orkney Islands, Scotland



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Conrad Gallimore Wenyon’s father was Edwin James Wenyon, BA, BSc, MB London (born 1853/54 in England).  It would appear from the place of birth of at least four of his children that Dr. Wenyon’s peregrinations as a general practitioner resulted in him living for a while on Sanday, one of the more northerly of the Orkney islands.


The transcription of the 1901 Scottish census records resulted in the birthplace of four of their children being rendered “Lady Parsse, Landayn B”.  Unfortunately the custodians of the Scottish Census have not allowed public access to images of the original documents via genealogy websites, so interpretation of this placename is difficult.  Fortunately, our man took a trip to the United States in 1933, and the typewritten arrival records for his voyage clearly stated his place of birth as “Sanday, Orkney”.  The main settlement on Sanday, roughly in the middle, is called Lady, so that part of the census birthplace seems likely to be correct.  The “Parsse” defies analysis, but “Landayn” looks like a misreading of “Sanday”, with a terminal squiggle of the “y” being read as “n”, and the “B” could be a misreading of “Is.” for “Island”.


Dr. Wenyon and his wife had at least the following five children:


Conrad Gallimore Wenyon

born 1891/92, Sanday, Orkney Islands

Rhoda F. Wenyon

born 1892/93, Sanday, Orkney Islands

Flora F.Wenyon

born 1893/94, Sanday, Orkney Islands

Louis Wenyon

born 1895/96, Sanday, Orkney Islands

Aurora L. Wenyon

born May/June 1900, Arbroath, Forfarshire


Conrad’s age in the 1901 Scottish census and at the time of a trip to the United States pin down his birth to the period 03/10/1891 to 31/03/1892.


The family seems to have lived on Sanday from 1892, or before, up to 1898 give or take a couple of years.


Kelly’s directory of Staffordshire for 1900, whose data may relate to 1899, listed Edwin James Wenyon BA, MSc, MB London, at The Mount, Knutton Road, Wolstanton, Stoke-on-Trent.


The family may have lived for a short while afterwards in Arbroath, in view of the birthplace of the fifth of the above children, but the parents soon settled more permanently in Dundee.


The 1901 Scottish census found the family of two parents and the above five children living at at 4 Dudhope Place, Dundee, Angus, which remained Dr. Wenyon’s residence until his death, when probate records gave the house’s name as Ekailbrae.  Dr. Wenyon’s wife was Mary Ellen Wenyon (née Skellam, born 1879/80, Chesterton, Staffs.).  As she was only 21 year old at the time, she was clearly not the mother of the children, so Dr. Wenyon had presumably been widowed, and his wife was his children’s stepmother.


The family seems elusive in the 1911 census.  Conrad would have been about 19 then, and was possibly at university.


By 1929 Conrad Gallimore Wenyon had arrived in Huddersfield.


Telephone directories of 1829, 1930 and 1931 listed C. Wenyon at “Eske Idge” [Eske Lodge?], Dalton, Hudderfield.  As the subsequently mentioned Long Lane is in the Dalton district of Huddersfield, “Eske Idge” may have been the name of 100 Long Lane.


In 1933 Conrad Gallimore Wenyon undertook a trip to the United States.  Accordingly, 41-year-old chemist Conrad Wenyon, of 100 Long Lane, Huddersfield, was recorded as departing from Liverpool aboard the White Star line’s Georgic on 23/09/1933.  Nine days later, 41-year-old chemist Conrad Gallimore Wenyon, of Huddersfield, born on Sanday, Orkney, was recorded as arriving from Liverpool at New York aboard the Georgic on 02/10/1933.


Conrad’s father died on 20/02/1937.  Probate records gave his address as Ekailbrae, 4 Dunhope [sic, meant Dudhope] Street, Dundee, and referred to his widow somewhat enigmatically as “Mary Ellen Skellam or Wenyon”, suggesting perhaps that they weren’t actually married.


At some time from 1933 to 1945, perhaps 1944, he moved to Cheshire.


The marriage of Conrad G. Wenyon to Marjorie Wilcox was registered at Bucklow, Cheshire, in the third quarter of 1944.


Telephone directories for 1945 through to 1959 listed C. G Wenyon at 843 Kingsway, Didsbury, Cheshire.  Then in 1959/60 he moved to 7 Lees Road, Syddall Park, Bramhall, Manchester, where he was listed in telephone directories of 1959 to 1963, the year of his death.


He appears to have had a son of the same name as himself, as a Sergeant Conrad Gallimore Wenyon, an RAF gunner of 101 squadron, is recorded as having died on 01/07/1944 and being buried at St. Doulchard Communal Cemetery in France.




The death of Conrad G. Wenyon, aged 68, was registered in the third quarter of 1960 in north-east Cheshire.  His stepmother, Mary Ellen Wenyon, outlived him, her death at age 83 being registered in the second quarter of 1963 at Portsmouth, Hants.




Besides representing Huddersfield in the Woodhouse Cup, and Yorkshire in county matches, C. G. Wenyon was Yorkshire champion in the season 1928/29.  He was presumably the most northerly-born Yorkshire Chess Champion.





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