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1845 East Stockwith (nr. Gainsborough)


1911 Hull


Identity of the Chess-player


“E. Waterhouse” was reported as playing for Hull and holding office in Hull Chess Club as vice-president of president, at least over the period 1893 to 1907.  Unfortunately, evidence of the forename is elusive.


The only people evident in the usual sources who might be this player are

(1) Edwin James Waterhouse, born in Hull in 1847, died in Hull 1908, (errand boy 1861, French polisher 1871 to 1901, no servants), and

(2) Edward Waterhouse, born 1845, East Stockwith, Lincs., died Hull 1911 (woollen draper 1871, auctioneer & estate Agent 1881, retired in 1891, estate agent 1901 &1911, by 1901 having domestic servants).

Of these two, Edward seems the more probable person to be president of Hull Chess Club, judged by general standards of the day.


Intriguingly, Charles Wright Dreyer of Hull Chess Club married Edward Waterhouse’s daughter Eva, though this can hardly be seen as proof of the identity of “E. Waterhouse”.


Enigmatically, Gaige, in a list of obituaries in the British Chess Magazine, has an entry for an Edwin Waterhouse in BCM of 1911, page 425 (unseen).  No Edwin Waterhouse is evident as having died anywhere in the country in 1911, so it looks rather as though somewhere along the line “Edwin” has been substituted for “Edward” who indeed died in 1911.  Was editor Isaac McIntyre Brown, by a mental aberration, confusing the names of Edward Waterhouse and Edwin Woodhouse?


Non-Chess Life


Edward’s family was still living in Lincolnshire in 1851, but finding 16-year-old Edward in the 1861 census is difficult.


It seems Edward had moved to Hull by 1867, as in that year, in Hull, he married Emily Jane Needler (born 1845, Hull).  The couple went on to have the following children:


Horace Needler Waterhouse

born 1868, Hull

Arthur Edward Waterhouse

born 1870 Hessle

William Albert Waterhouse

born 1872, Hull

Charles Stanley Waterhouse

born 1873, Hull

Percy Waterhouse

born  1874/75, Hull

Eva Waterhouse

born 1879, Hull

Sydney Horace Waterhouse

born 1879, Hull

Ernest Waterhouse

born 1880, Hull

Florence Waterhouse

born 1881, Hull

Donald Waterhouse

born 1885, Hull


The following 5 children may have been born to this family and died at birth or in early infancy – dates of birth interleave neatly with those above, but they could have belonged to a different Waterhouse family:

Bernard Waterhouse

born & died 1876, Hull

Conrad Waterhouse

born & died 1877, Hull

Stanley Waterhouse

born 1882, Hull

Ada Waterhouse

born & died 1883, Hull

William Ernest Waterhouse

born 1884, Hull


The 1871 census found the Waterhouse family (with first 2 children) living at Todd’s entry, Silver Street, Hull.  Edward was a woollen draper.


The 1881 census found the family at Hutt Street, Hull.  Edward was now an auctioneer & estate agent.


The 1891 census found the whole family at 36 Peel Street, Hull – the next road parallel to Hutt Street.  Edward was now “retired” though the 4 eldest sons were in employment of one sort of another.


The 1899 Hull directory listed Waterhouse Edward, 9 Victoria Avenue, Hull.


The 1901 census found a reduced household (or the children, Eva, Florence & Donald remaining) living at 9 Victoria Avenue, Hull.  Edward was back to being an estate agent and auctioneer.  The household now included one servant.


It appears Edward must have moved from 9 Victoria Avenue to Brookland, Victoria Avenue, and sold 9 Victoria Avenue to Charles Wright Dreyer, who was a member of Hull Chess Club.


On 02/08/1905, at St Augustine of Hippo, Newland, Hull, 39-year-old Charles Wright Dreyer, of 9 Victoria Avenue, Hull, married Eva Waterhouse (born 1879, Hull), of Brookland, Victoria Avenue, Hull, daughter of Edward Waterhouse.


The 1911 census found the parents living on their own at last – no children, no servants.




The career of “E. Waterhouse” representing Hull in the Woodhouse Cup spanned at least 1893 to 1907.  He played in at least five county matches: 19/02/1898 Lancs. v Yorks., 11/03/1899 Yorks. v Lancs., 1899-1900 Yorks. v Kent, 17/01/1903 Yorks. v Lancs. and 24/03/1906 Yorks. v Lancs..


He was elected a vice-president of Hull Chess Club in 1897.


In local inter-club chess he was playing for Hull United Liberal Club in 1897-98.




Edward Waterhouse died in 1911, in Hull.







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