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1878, Leeds


05/01/1879, St. George’s, Leeds


22/04/1948, Wetherby



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Edward Skirrow’s parents were William Skirrow (born 1857/58, Licklinghall (?), Huddersfield) and Emily Skirrow (née Sutherland, 1855/56, Leeds).  The couple had at least the following five children, all Leeds-born:



born 1878


born 1881/82


born 1883/84


born 1887/88


born Jul/Aug 1890


The father, William Skirrow, seems to have started out in married life as clerk, become a hotel proprietor, and then moved into accountancy by starting as a cashier and then progressing to being a chartered accountant and auditor.


Edward’s birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1878, at Leeds.  Entry 961 of the baptism register of St. George’s, Leeds, shows he was baptised there on 05/01/1879, by the curate.  Father William was described as a clerk, residing at 94 Coburg Street, Leeds.


The 1881 census found William Skirrow as proprietor of Tymm’s Hotel on Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, which seems to have been between numbers 49 and 59 Woodhouse Lane.  Parents William and Emily had living with them 2-year-old Edward and recently-born Thomas, and also four members of Emily’s family, all Leeds-born: Emily’s 47-year-old mother, Sarah Sutherland; her 12-year-old brother, George A. Sutherland; her 10-year-old sister, Janet Sutherland; and her 8-year-old brother, Horace Sutherland.


Father William had become a wholesale clothier’s cashier by the time of the 1891 census, and the Skirrows now lived at 23 Winfield Road, Leeds.  With the Skirrow parents and five children were Emily’s brother George Sutherland, a postman, and her brother Horace Sutherland, a saddler’s apprentice.  (Horace was now down as born in Selby, not Leeds.)  There was also one servant.


The 1901 census found the Skirrows still at 23 Winfield Road, but now without any of the Sutherlands.  Father William was now a chartered accountant.  Thomas was cashier to a cabinet maker, while Mary was clerk to cocoa manufacturer.  22-year-old Edward had no stated occupation.


On 12/06/1907, at All Souls, Leeds, 28-year-old bachelor and assistant manager Edward Skirrow, son of William Skirrow, auditor, was married to 28-year-old spinster Alma Mary Stubbs, daughter of Edwin Stubbs, dentist, by the assistant curate, H. Martyn E. Gilliat.


The 1911 census found Edward and Alma, as yet with no children, living at 2 Brookfield terrace, Headingley, Leeds.  Edward was now secretary and manager to a limited company in the shopfitting business.


At some stage Edward Skirrow seems to have moved to Wetherby, as that is where he died aged 69.




Probate records tell us Edward Skirrow of the Mount, Spofford Hall, Wetherby, died on 22/04/1948, and that probate was granted to Alma Mary Skirrow, widow, Edward Hurtley Glaisby, chartered accountant, and Jean Isobel Goodall,wife of Benjamin Goodall.  He is recorded as leaving “£154479 18s 4d” (commas were not used in such records).  Conceivably the two 4s represent a typing error for a single 4.  Otherwise he’d accumulated a significant amount of money.




Edward Skirrow was a regular player in the Leeds St. Martin’s Woodhouse Cup team, and of the Leeds Woodhouse Cup team after the two combined forces for the 1905-06 season onwards.  He sometimes played for Yorkshire, though at or near the bottom of the team.





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