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Julius Schlesinger was born 1817/18 in Hamburg, Germany, according English census records.  Polish Jewish records refer to the birth on 14/03/1837 of a Julius Schlesinger to Israel and Rahel Schlesinger, in Olesno, Poland, but that was presumably a different person.


Probate records reveal that he had a middle name “Louis”, but that didn’t seem to feature in usual representations of his name.


Julius Schlesinger, a merchant from Hamburg, disembarked from the William Darley, at Hull, on 08/03/1837.  This could have been when he arrived in this country to settle, but it’s possible he was merely at that stage visiting a Schlesinger who was already here.


Censuses show other Bradford Schlesingers to include Martin Schlesinger, born 1800/01, at Hamburg, Andrew Schlesinger, born 1817/18, in Germany, Frederick Emilius Schlesinger, born 1832/33, at Hamburg, their spouses and their children.


Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Yorks, Leics &c, 1841, didn’t list Julius Schlesinger, but it listed Martin Schlesinger of Bermondsey, Bradford, as a stuff merchant.  Julius could of course have been working for Martin.  The 1841 census doesn’t obviously list Julius Schesinger.


White’s Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1842, listed Hermann Schlesinger as a merchant with his home at Manchester Road, Bradford.


Ibbetson's Directory of Bradford, 1850, listed three presumably-related Schlesingers:

Andrew Schlesinger

merchant, of Quitzow, Schlesinger and Co., yarn merchants and dealers at Bermondsey

home at Springfield Place, Manningham Lane

Julius Schlesinger

merchant, of Steinthal & Co.,

home at Stone Street, Manor Row

Martin Schlesinger

manufacturer, of A Tremel and Co.,

home Whetley House, Manningham

Julius and Martin were listed as attenders of the Bradford Exchange on market days.


The 1851 census found 33-year-old Hamburg-born, British subject Julius Schlesinger as a worsted and stuff merchant lodging with the Burton family at 9 Drewton Street, Bradford.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford &c, 1854, listed the following:

Andrew Schlesinger

merchant, of Quitzow, Schlesinger and Co., yarn merchants and dealers at Bermondsey

home at 10 Ashfield Place


Julius Schlesinger & Co., 17 Tyrell Street

Martin Schlesinger

spinner manufacturer, of A Tremel and Co.,

home Whetley House

It didn’t list Julius Schlesinger as an individual, though he was still extant.


By 1855 he had married the much younger Sophia, born 1835/36 in Berlin.  There’s no obvious record of them marrying in Bradford, and it’s quite likely they married in Germany.  They appear to have set up home initially in the Idle area of Bradford, then moved to the Manningham area around 1858/59.  They had at least the following four children:


Mary Schlesinger

born 1855/56, Idle

Alfred Schlesinger

born 1857/58, Idle

Catharine Schlesinger

born 1858/59, Manningham

William Schlesinger

born 1859/60, Manningham


Lund’s Bradford Directory, 1856, listed Schlesinger & Co., stuff merchants.  It also listed Andrew Schlesinger, merchant, of Quitzow, Schlesinger and Co., at 10 Ashfield Place, Great Horton Road.  It listed Quitzow, Schlesinger and Co., yarn and noil merchants, at 49 Bermondsey.  It listed Julius Schlesinger & Co., stuff merchants and commission agents at White Lion Yard, Bradford, with Julius Schlesinger resident at Apperley Bridge.


The 1861 census found 43-year-old Hamburg-born naturalised-British Julius Schlesinger and his wife, 36-year-old Berlin-born Sophia Schlesinger living at 6 Walmer Villas, Manningham, Bradford.  They had with them the above four children.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed Andrew Schlesinger of Quitzow, Schlesinger and Co., worsted yarn merchants, at 27 Peckover Street, with residence at Duckworth Lane.  It listed Frederick Emilius Schlesinger, merchant, of Preller and Co., with his home at 2 Fairmount.  It listed Julius Schlesinger & Co. stuff merchant at, 16 Church Bank.


White's Directory of Leeds & the West Riding, 1870, listed the following:

Andrew Schlesinger

of Schlesinger and Wechmar, yarn merchants, 27  Peckover Street,

with home at Crowtree House, Daisy Hill, Bradford

Julius Schlesinger & Co.

Julius Schlesinger & Co., stuff and woollen merchants,

at 16 Church Bank, Bradford

Frederick Emilius Schlesinger

silk merchant, of Preller and Co., with his home at Quarry House, Eccleshill




Julius Louis Schlesinger, as the probate records call him, late of Bradford and Wiesbaden, merchant, died on 17/06/1870 at Wiesbaden in Germany.  His will was proved in London on 19/11/1870 by Edmund Ernst Leopold Schlesinger Benzon, and Henry Schlesinger, both of Middlesex.




Julius Schlesinger of Bradford was one of those attending the first meeting of the original Yorkshire Chess Association.  That was before there was a Bradford Chess Club.  At the inaugural meeting of Bradford Chess Club on 08/11/1853, he was elected one of its two vice-presidents, though he was not actually present.





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