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19/05/1876, Bradford


05/07/1876, St. Peter, Bradford


15/03/1949, Bradford



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Charles John Russam’s parents were John Russam (born 1840/41, Leeds) and Agnes Russam (née Moore, 1843/44, Londonderry, North Yorkshire).  Londonderry, in this case, is on the Roman road called Dere Street, 2 miles east of Bedale, and adjacent to present-day RAF Leeming.  This couple has at least the following six children, all born in Bradford:


Samuel Russam

born 1866

Gertrude Russam

born 1868/69

Amy Russam

born 1871/72

Charles John Russam

born 19/05/1876

Edith Russam

born 1879/80

Thomas Russam

born 1882/83


Samuel’s age was given as 15 in the 1881 census and 24 in the 1891 census; this, if true, implies he was born on the 3rd, 4th 5th or 6th of April, 1866.


Entry 460 in the baptism register of St. Peter’s, Bradford, records the baptism on 19/05/1876, by Henry P. Prosser, BA, curate, of Charles John Russam, son of warehouseman John Russam and his wife, Agnes Russam, née Moore, of 12 Tennyson Place, Bradford.  The register records the date and place of birth as 05/07/1876, at 12 Tennyson Place, Bradford.


During the five years after the birth of Charles, the family moved to 54 Heap Street, Bradford, which is where the 1881 census found the family of two parents and first five children.  Father John was a stuff warehouseman, and Samuel was a stuff warehouse boy, while Gertrude, Amy, Charles and Edith were scholars.


The 1891 census found the family at 62 Heap Street, seemingly having moved four doors down the road.  Father John was now described as a foreign correspondent.  Samuel (“Sam”) was a stuff “looker over” (=overseer?), Amy was a stuff weaver, 14-year-old Charles was an office boy, while Edith and Thomas were scholars.


Charles John Russam is elusive in the 1901 census.


In 1902 or 1903, Charles John Russam married Emily, who had been born in 1867/68, at Bradford.  The coupe had at least one child:


Reginald Russam

born 1905/06, Bradford


The 1911 census found Charles, Emily and Reginald living at 1 Chelmsford Terrace, Bradford Moor, Bradford.  Charles was described as a bookkeeper.


During the First World War, Charles seems to have received call-up papers.  The documentation of his being enlisted into the West Riding Regiment records him taking an oath of allegiance on 21/11/1915.  He was recorded in the document as resident at that time at 266 Barkerend Road, Bradford; of 39 years and 186 days of age (matches above date of birth); as a head clerk; being married; having seen no prior military service; and having received “a notice” (presumably “call-up” papers).  The approval of his enlistment was dated nine months later, on 29/08/1916, so he presumably saw no active service before then.


After the war, in the fullness of time, Charles John Russam established his own accountancy business, into which son Reginald followed him, forming a partnership with “Richards” under the name of Richards, C. J. Russam & Co., whose offices were at Martins Bank Chambers, Bradford.




Charles John Russam of 1089 Grangefield Avenue, Thornbury, Bradford, died on 15/03/1949, at 38 Piccadilly, Bradford.  Probate was granted to Emily Russam, widow, and Reginald Russam, chartered accountant.  He left effects of £4,019 7s 10d.


His son, Kenneth Russam, chartered accountant, continued with of Messrs. Richards, C. J. Russam & Co., Martins Bank Chambers, Bradford, after his father’s death.




“C. J. Russam” became a regular player in Bradford’s Woodhouse Cup team between the wars.  Though the Woodhouse Cup competition was suspended during the war, the County & District Correspondence Championship was kept going, and our man played in it for Yorkshire,in particular in 1946-47 C&DCC event.





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