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1862/63, Goole



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George Lyde Rockett’s parents were John Humble Rockett (born 1820/21, Selby) and Rosa Rockett (née Lyde, 1835/36, Paignton, Devon), whose marriage was registered in the fourth quarter of 1859 at Totnes, Devon.  They had at least the following six children:


Rosa Lyde Rockett

born 1860/61, Goole

Catherine Elizabeth Rockett

born 14/12/1861, Goole

George Lyde Rockett

born 1862/63, Goole

Ada Fanny Rockett

born 1863/64, Goole

Edith Mary Rockett

born 1865, Goole

Hildreth Dudley Rockett

born 1867, Goole


Catharine's date of birth comes from the Bible she was given on her 8th birthday, that Bible being in turn passed to Michael Simpkins (mentioned again below), who received that Bible on his 9th birthday.


There were two children by the name of Rockett who died while resident in East Parade, and were probably members of this family, both buried at St John the Evangelist, the parish church of Goole.  These were Ada “Lloyd” (presumably really “Lyde”) Rockett, died aged 10 months, buried on 18/04/1857 (born May/June 1856), and Hilda Rockett, who also died aged 10 months, and was buried in the same graveyard on 04/05/1867 (born June/July 1866).


The birth of George Lyde Rockett was registered in the first quarter of 1863, at Goole.


His life up to 1891 is outlined under the entry for his younger brother, Hildreth Dudley Rockett.


At some time from 1891 to 1901, our man, George Lyde Rockett, moved to Leeds, and was joined by his two younger sisters.  This was the same decade when younger brother Hildreth Dudley Rockett moved to Sheffield.  The 1901 census found George, Ada, Edith, their 67-year-old widowed aunt, Fanny Lyde (born Paignton, Devon), and one servant, living at 26 Francis Street, Potternewton, Leeds.  George was described as a bank manager, and Ada was a hospital nurse, while aunt Fanny was living on her own means.


At some time from 1901 to 1911, George Lyde Rockett moved to York, presumably in connection with his work.  The unmarried Rockett sisters were playing musical brothers, as George now living with him Rosa, Catherine and Edith, at 57 Huntington Road, York.


He ended up in Malton, which is where he would appear to have been resident by 1942.


The marriage of George L. Rockett, at the age of 79, give or take a few months, to Florence Lillian Simpkins (born 01/05/1907, Flegg, Norfolk), was registered in the first quarter of 1942, at Rydale.  There seems no evidence that he had been married previously.




George Lyde Rockett, of Far View, 31 Middlecave Road, Malton, Yorkshire, died 07/02/1948.  Probate was granted to Florence Lillian Rockett, widow, and Herbert Edward Harrowell, solicitor.  He left £7,020 1s 1d.


Wife Florence Lillian Rockett remarried, in 1950, to Charles E. R. Hall.  (Records have been transcribed in such a way as to create the impression that the groom's surname was “Hall-Rockett”.  However, her nephew, Michael Simpkins, advises that Florence married Charles E R Hall, but that she was reluctant to give up the “Rockett” name and so adopted the surname “Hall-Rockett”.)




George Lyde Rockett played for Leeds in the Woodhouse Cup in 1899-00 (and possibly earlier) through to 1902-03.  From 1903-04 to 1904-05 he played in the Woodhouse Cup for Leeds St. Martin’s.  From 1905-06 he was again playing for Leeds.


George Lyde Rockett played for Leeds St. Martin’s and for Leeds in the Woodhouse Cup during the period when brother Hildreth Dudley Rockett was a regular member of Sheffield’s Woodhouse Cup team.  On 08/03/1902, the two played each other in a Leeds-Sheffield Woodhouse Cup match; Hildreth Dudley Rocket won.


He presumably played chess in York after moving there.





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