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William George North’s parents were William George North (senior; born 1860/61, Hull) and Amelia Ellen North (née Pinder, 1835/36, Hull).  William George North senior died before the end of the chess-player’s career, and spent a lot of time at sea, so we know the chess-player was the son.


William George North (senior) and Amelia Ellen North had at least the following six children, all born in Hull:


Fanny North

born 1852/53

William George North

born 1860/61

Eliza M. North

born 1865/66

Letitia Jane North

born May/Jun 1870

G(u)ilford North

born 1872/73

Edith Maud North

born 1874/75


G(u)ilford’s name appears both with “u” (1881) and without “u” (1891).


The 1871 census found Amelia Ellen North, a “ship’s captain’s wife”, her mother Eliza Dibb Pinder (born 1810/11, Holmpton, 3 miles SE of Withernsea, and about 20 E of Hull), an annuitant, the first four children and a servant living at 20 Pryme Street, Hull.  The father was presumably at sea.


The 1881 census found Amelia Ellen North, now apparently merely a “mate’s wife”, her mother Eliza Dibb Pinder (said to be her mother-in-law), and all six children, except Eliza, living still at 20 Pryme Street.  Fanny was a governess and 20-year-old William George Norton was a railway clerk.


The 1891 census was unusual in finding William George North senior at home, which was still 20 Pryme Street, living with his wife Fanny, William junior, Eliza and G(u)ilford.  William senior was a master mariner; Fanny was a school governess, William junior was still a railway clerk; G(u)ilford was a druggist-and-chemist’s apprentice.


William George North senior must have died at some time from 1891 to 1901 as the 1901 census recorded Amelia as a widow.  She was still living at 20 Pryme Street, and now had only 40-year-old William junior living with her, he still being a railway clerk.


William George North junior appears never to have married.




The death of William George North junior, aged 48, was recorded in the first quarter of 1909 at Sculcoates.




William George North (junior) was one of Hull’s strongest players in his day.


He was presumably the “North” of Hull who played in the 1883 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He appears to have won the Yorkshire Championship in 1888-89.  He represented Yorkshire in county matches in 1899 and subsequent years.  He played for Hull in the Woodhouse Cup from 1901-02 to 1903-04, but seems then to have retired playing in the Woodhouse though Hull was still fielding a Woodhouse team.





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