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The parents of John Moore, chess-player of Sheffield, were John Moore senior (born Hawes, 1873/74) and Margaret Ann Moore (born 1875/76, Bainbridge).  The father of John Moore senior was also called John Moore, so our man was at least the third-generation John Moore.  John Moore senior and Margaret Ann Moore had had three children by the time of the 1911 census, all three born at Bainbridge:


Lilian Moore

born 1895/96

John Moore

born 1897

Margaret Ann Moore

born 1901/02


The birth of John Moore (junior) was registered in the fourth quarter of 1897, at Aysgarth.  Although “John Moore” is a common enough name, we know this was the future Sheffield chess-player because his age and place of birth were given in a biographical article about the chess-player [1].


Bainbridge is a village 4 miles to the east of Hawes, and 6 miles to the west of Aysgarth and, and is on the south bank of the River Ure, which flows through Wensleydale.  Hawes, Bainbridge and Aysgarth are all on the modern A684.


The 1901 census found the parents and first two children living at Bainbridge.  The father was a sub-postmaster.


The 1911 census found the parents and all three children still living at Bainbridge, probably at the post office, though that wasn’t stated.  The father was still a sub-postmaster, and his wife was his assistant.  Children John and Margaret attended school.


Kelly's Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire, 1913, listed John Moore [senior], stationer, post office, Bainbridge.


Our man, John Moore junior, moved to Sheffield in 1913 [1].


He was in the Royal Army Medical Corps from 1915 to the armistice, serving one year in France. [1]


John Moore married Edith Robins in 1923.  The couple appear to have had no children.


By 1922 he was working for Vickers Ltd [1], steel manufacturers, Brightside Lane Sheffield.


He left Vickers in 1934 to become a representative for G. A. Woodcock Ltd on the Wicker. [1]


By 1939 he was living at 62 Blair Athol Road, Sheffield.  He was now desk-bound, being a clerk for a shipping agent.




The death of a John Moore, at age 42, was registered in the third quarter of 1940, at Sheffield.




He learnt chess in 1922, while employed at Vicker’s Works, where there were a few lunchtime players, but no club.  He joined the Sheffield YMCA Chess Club in 1922, being a member on and off, to 1936 and later, being its hon. sec. twice as at 1935-36 (when in office). [1]


In 1923-24 he played for Sheffield in three I. M. Brown Shield matches, and in one Woodhouse Cup match. [1]


He played in the 1924 Geza Maroczy Sheffield simultaneous display.


In 1924-25 and 1925-26 he played in all of Sheffield’s I. M. Brown matches, captaining the team in 1925-26.  He also played in a couple of Woodhouse Cup matches in 1925-26. [1]


From 1926-27 to 1933-34 he largely restricted his organised chess activity to the Sheffield Works league.  He was one of the founders of the ESC (English Steel Corporation) Chess Club formed in 1929, with him as captain and board 1.  ESC won Woodward Trophy (Works league) at the first attempt, in 1929-30, repeating this result in 1931-32 and 1932-33, and won the team KO in 1930-31. [1]


In 1934-35 he resumed participation in activities of the Sheffield & District Chess Association, and played for Sheffield in the Woodhouse Cup in 1934-35 and in subsequent seasons.


He played in the 1935 Lancashire v Yorkshire match.


He played in the 1936 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He won the Sheffield Championship in 1936.


He played in the 1937 Yorkshire v Northumberland match.


He played in the 1938 Lancashire v Yorkshire match.


He played in the 1937-38 County & District Correspondence Championship.





Source (apart from the usual ones):

[1]  Sheffield Telegraph and Star of 30/05/1936





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