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George Henry Longdin











Made in Yorkshire



Sheffield Sub-Site



1867, Haywoods, Deepcar




1922, Sheffield


21/09/1922, City Road, Sheffield


Non-Chess Life


George Henry Longdin’s parents were George Longdin and Sarah Longdin (nee Laycock, 1833/34, Holbrook), who had the following four children:


Vin Longdin

1854, Holbrook

William Longdin

1859, Holbrook

Polly Longdin

1862/63, Thurgoland

George Henry Longdin

1867, Haywoods


The Holbrook referred to here appears to have been in or near Ecclesfield, Sarah’s and William’s place of birth in the 1891 census.


At some time from 1866 to 1871, George Longdin must have died, as the 1871 census found a widowed Sarah Longdin (written “Longdon”) and her four children living at Haywoods, a part of Deepcar, adjacent to Stocksbridge, roughly 10 miles NE of Sheffield.  Sarah was a dressmaker, Vin was a bricklayer, and the other three children were scholars.


In 1874, Sarah Longdin re-married, to Seth Dalton (born 1844, Skelmanthorpe, about 8 miles S of Huddersfield).  Seth and Sarah had at least two children to add to Sarah’s existing family, both born at Deepcar:


Annie Dalton

born 1875

Ernest Dalton

born 1876


The 1881 census found Seth and Sarah living with their six children at 7 Station Road, Dodworth.  Seth Dalton was a blacksmith, Vin Longdin was a bricklayer, as was William Longdin.  13-year-old George was an errand boy, while Annie & Ernest Dalton were scholars.


The 1891 census found some children had left home.  Seth and Sarah were living with William, George, Annie and Ernest at Low Lane, Bracken Moor, Stocksbridge.  Seth was still a blacksmith, and Vin was still a bricklayer.  23-year-old George was now a manufacturer’s clerk.


In 1896, George Henry Longdin married Edna Moorhouse (born 1873, Stocksbridge), apparently at Stocksbridge.  The couple appear not to have had any children, certainly none in the first 14 years of marriage, according to the 1911 census return.


The 1901 census found 32-year-old George and 27-year-old Edna living at Manchester Road, Stocksbridge.  Living with them were 49-year-old Henry Moorhouse and 29-year-old Ernest Moorhouse, who were listed as George’s brothers, but presumably were brothers (or uncle and brother) of Edna.  George was a commercial clerk, Henry was a retired colliery deputy, and Ernest was an engine and machine fitter.


The 1911 census found George and Edna living at 93 Ranby Road, in the Endcliffe district of Sheffield.  George was a bookkeeper working for a “municipal” employer; in other words he worked for the city council.


Sheffield directories for 1911 to 1915 inclusive continued to list George at 93 Ranby Road, but from 1916 to 1922 the directories listed him at 136 Oakbrook Road, Sheffield.  (From time to time the surname was misspelt “Longden”.)


He was absent from the directories from 1923 onwards.




George Henry Longdin died, aged 55, in 1922, in Sheffield.




“G. H. Longdin” was treasurer of the Sheffield & District Chess Association around 1911.


He played against Lasker in the latter’s simultaneous display in Sheffield in 1908.





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