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The patents of James Arthur Liversedge were John Arthur Liversedge (born 1827/28, Huddersfield) and Ellen Elizabeth Liversedge (born 1832/33, Hebden Bridge) who had at least the following four children:


Alfred J Liversedge

born 1854/55, Huddersfield

Edwin H Liversedge

born 1856/57, Huddersfield

Jean Ellen Liversedge

born 1859/60, Halifax

James Arthur Liversedge

born 1863, Halifax


The birth of James Arthur Liversedge was registered in the first quarter of 1864, and so could have been born in December 1863.  His ages in census returns and age at death imply birth in 1963/64.  His age at the time of his marriage implies he was born no later than 24/12/1863, implying (if true) that he was born in 1863, probably very shortly before Christmas.


The 1871 census found parents and above four children living at 12 High Street, Huddersfield.  Father John was a parcel carrier and Methodist local preacher; it seems he may earlier have been a tailor.  Alfred and Edwin were draper’s assistants.  Jean and James were scholars.


Father Alfred died at some time from 1871 to 1881.


The 1881 census found the widowed Ellen Elizabeth Liversedge living with Edwin, Jean and James in Trinity Street, Huddersfield.  Edwin was now an engineer, no specifically a valve fitter, while James was a sanitary office clerk.


Entry 172 of the marriage register of St. Mary’s, Honley, records the marriage there, by E. Lionel Walsh, on 24/12/1887, of 24-year-old bachelor James Arthur Liversedge, clerk of Trinity parish, Huddersfield, son of John Arthur Liversedge, taylor [sic, ?], to 23-year-old spinster Ethelinda Hirst, of Honley, daughter of Ben Hirst, worsted spinner.  Ethelinda had been in 1864/65, at Honley.  The couple had at least the following two children, both born at born Honley:


Herbert Donald Liversedge

born 1893/94

Sydney Tyndall Liversedge

born 1897/98


The 1891 census found James and the quaintly-named Ethelinda living with Ethelinda’s unmarried 25-year-old sister, Florence Hirst, at 32 Nursery Street, Huddersfield.  James was now a woollen manufacturer’s bookkeeper.  Florence was a cloth weaver.


The 1901 census found James, Ethelinda, the two boys, and a servant, living at 26 Highfield Terrace, [somewhere], Honley.  James was a cashier at a woollen mill.


The 1911 census found the family of four living with a servant at 24 Fartown Green, Huddersfield.  James was now secretary and cashier to a woollen cloth manufacturer.  Herbert was an assistant designer at a woollen cloth manufacturer.  Sydney was still at school.




The death of James Arthur Liversedge, at the age of 86, was registered in the second quarter of 1950, at Hudddersfield.




He was a regular member of Huddersfield’s Woodhouse Cup team from 1899-00 or before, to 1911-12 or later.  He had stopped playing in the Woodhouse Cup by the early 1930s.


He played for Huddersfield in other, ad hoc inter-club matches, such as the 1903 Huddersfield v North Manchester match, the 1903 Huddersfield v Dewsbury match, and the 1904 Huddersfield v North Manchester match.


He played for Yorkshire in the 1899-00 Yorkshire v Kent friendly correspondence match, and the 1904 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.





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