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Francis Noel Jameson’s parents were Francis Jameson (born 1884/85, York), and Ethel Jameson (née Bratley, 1886/87, York), who by were married in 1905/06, but by 1911 had had just the one child, Francis Noel Jameson, whose was born in York, the birth being registered in the fourth quarter of 1905, at York.


The 1911 census found parents Francis and Ethel, 5-year-old Francis N. Jameson, and a lodger, living at 18 Rougier Street, York, a property which must have since been subject to redevelopment.  Father Francis was a self-employed hairdresser.


Francis Noel Jameson was at Leeds University from 1924 to 28, and then moved to Tunbridge Wells in 1929, presumably in pursuit of his first job.


He held a teaching post in Barking, Essex, from 1930, but in early 1932 he was taken ill, having to give up his responsibilities for a while, taking sick leave, and returning to York for a while.


His illness presumably abated, and he returned to Essex.


At some stage he took a wife with the forenames Eirol Lorraine.


Then at some time from 1938 to 1942 he moved back to York, where he and his wife resided at 12 Livingstone Street, Leeman Road, York, while his parents resided at 6 Skeldergate, York.




He died at the age of 36 on 29/04/1942.  Probate records say his dead body was found on 29/04/1942, and that his death was attributed to enemy action, though details were not given.  Probate was granted to Eirol Lorraine Jameson.  He left £544 0s 8d.


His widow, Eirol Lorraine Jameson, got remarried in 1947 to Hywel Davies, at Cardiff.




He joined Leeds University chess in 1924, representing them regularly up to 1928, playing board 1 in 1927-28.


Back at home he joined York Chess Club in 1925 and won the York championship in 1928-29.


After moving to Tunbridge Wells, he joined Tunbridge Wells chess club, which he represented in 1929-30, but he didn’t compete in the club championship.


After taking up his teaching post at barking, he joined Ilford Chess Club, and won the club championship, and for the following season was the Ilford captain.  He also played for the Essex county team.


When he was taken ill, and had to withdraw from the Essex County Championship, in which he’d reached the semi-final, having beaten T. H. George (5 times Ilford champion at that time, and subsequently Essex champion on at least 4 occasions) and C. Maxwell (1929-30 Essex champion) en route.


He returned to York, and captained York’s 1932-33 Woodhouse Cup team, and during that season he won the Yorkshire Championship.


After returning to Essex he resumed membership of Ilford Chess Club.


He won the Essex championship in 1938-39.




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