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1872/73, Southsea, Hants



26/11/1930, Leeds



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The name “Ivimy” sounds vaguely French, especially when coupled with “Claude” with “e” at the end, as a middle name.  It is allegedly of mediaeval English origin.


Alfred Claude Ivimy’s parents were army captain William Ivimy (born 1838/39, London) and wife Louisa Ivimy (born 1840/41, Clapham).  The couple had at least the following three children:


Alfred Claude Ivimy

born Southsea, Hampshire

Mable L Ivimy

born Framfield, Sussex

Helena Ivimy

born Lewisham, Kent


Thus Alfred Claude Ivimy was born in 1872/73, at Southsea, Hampshire.


The 1881 census found this Ivimy family living with two servants at Coburg Terrace, Sidmouth, Devon.  Father William had by then retired.  The three children were scholars, young Alfred then being eight years old.


The 1891 census found Alfred as a student of electronics, living with his aunt and uncle William and Mariane Loat (?) and family at 69 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


It was presumably pursuit of employment in the field of electronics which brought Alfred Claude Ivimy to Yorkshire.


The 1901 census found 28-year-old Southsea-born electronics engineer Alfred C. Ivimy living at 9 Hall Lane, off Scholebroke Avenue (which in turn is off Chapeltown Road), in the parish of St. James, Potternewton, Leeds.  At that time fellow chess-player, Sidney Edgar Grimshaw, lived at number 11, which was presumably next door.


He became engaged to Kathleen Ravenhill Brown of 14 Blenheim Terrace, opposite Leeds University.  Their banns of marriage were read at All Soul’s, Leeds, on the 12th, 19th and 26nd of May, 1901.  We conclude that no “just cause or impediment why these person should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony” was declared, as they were married on 04/07/1901.


The couple seems to have had only one (surviving) child, Gwendoline Ivimy, born 1902/03, at Leeds.


The 1911 census found 38-year-old electrical engineer Alfred Claude Ivimy, his wife Kathleen Ravenhill Ivimy, their daughter Gwendoline Ivimy, and a servant living at 9 Hall Road, Cha[peltown Road, Leeds, and Alfred remained at this address to his death.


He resided at 9 Hall Lane, Chapeltown, Leeds in March 1923.





Alfred Claude Ivimy, of 9 Hall Lane, Chapeltown Road, Leeds, is recorded by probate records as dying on 26/11/1930, when his age in the death registration index was given as 58.  Probate was granted to his wife, Kathleen Ravenhill Ivimy.  He left £429 13s 2d.




He started playing in the Woodhouse Cup in the 1903-04 season, for Leeds St. Martin, and continued playing for the Leeds Woodhouse Cup team after the two joined from 1905-06.


He played his first county match for Yorkshire, seemingly, on 21/03/1908, against Lancashire, on bottom board.


He was elected president of the Northern Counties Chess Union on 09/12/1922.





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