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1846/47, Sheffield




09/12/1926, Sheffield


14/12/1926, Ecclesall All Saints, Sheffield


Non-Chess Life


Alfred Skelton Hepworth’s parents were William Hepworth (born 1813/14, Sheffield) and Sarah Hepworth (born 1816/17, Ecclesall, Sheffield; maiden name apparently Gill), who had at least the following children, all born in Sheffield:


Samuel Hepworth

born 1840, Ecclesall, Sheffield

Emma Hepworth

born 1841, Ecclesall, Sheffield

William Hepworth

born 1843, Sheffield

Alfred Skelton Hepworth

born 1846/47, Sheffield

Ellen Hepworth

born 1850, Sheffield

Lucy Hepworth

born 1855, Sheffield

Charles Hepworth

born 1856, Ecclesall, Sheffield

Alice Ada Hepworth

born 1859, Ecclesall, Sheffield


The 1841 census found parents and 1-year-old Samuel living in Sheffield with an Elizabeth Gill, who, at one year younger than Sarah, may have been a sister of Sarah.  From this it appears Sarah was the Sarah Gill whose marriage was registered at Ecclesall in the same quarter of 1839 as that of a William Hepworth, the two thus presumably being the above parents.


The 1851 census found the parents and first five children living at Back Lead Mill Road, in the centre of Sheffield.  Father William was a surgical instrument maker.  Samuel was an errand boy, Emma and William were at school.


The 1861 census found the parents and all children apart from the eldest, Samuel, living in Oxford Road, which at that time seemed to lack numbers in the census or directories.  Emma was now a dressmaker, William was a cutler, 14-year-old Alfred was a “collector’s clerk” while Ellen and Lucy were at school.


White’s 1862 directory of Sheffield listed W. Hepworth, surgical instrument maker, living in Oxford Road.


The 1871 census found parents and the children other than Samuel, Emma and William, living together in Oxford Road, and now with the house number 84.  24-year-old Alfred was now a bookkeeper for a painter’s business.  Ellen, recorded as “Hellen”, had no occupation, but Lucy was now a piano-forte teacher.  Charles was a railway clerk, and Alice was a scholar.


In a few years, Alfred left his parents’ home.  White’s 1879 directory of Sheffield found William Hepworth, a journeyman surgical instrument maker, living at 241 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.  Meanwhile, it found Alfred Skelton Hepworth, now a painter, paperhanger and house decorator, seemingly living and working at the one address, 111, 113 & 115 West Street, Sheffield, and he was now an employer.  Maybe he had been able to buy the business for which he had previously been a bookkeeper, perhaps with money from his father.


The 1881 census accordingly found Alfred, still single, living at 111-115 West Street, with brother Charles, in business as a painter and paperhanger employing 20 men.  Charles was now a bookkeeper in this business.  The parents still lived at 241 Ecclesall Road, with Ellen, Lucy and Alice.  Father William still made surgical instruments.  Lucy was some kind of governess.


Father William Hepworth died in January 1889, and was buried at Ecclesall All Saints on 21/01/1889.


The 1891 census found Alfred still to be a painter working from 111-115 West Street, living with his bookkeeper brother Charles.


White’s 1901 and 1905 Sheffield directories found Alfred still to be a painter working from 111-115 West Street, with his home at 80 Upper Hanover Street, Sheffield.  Nevertheless, he 1901 census found Alfred at the West Street address.  Maybe Charles was at Upper Hanover Street.


White’s 1911 Sheffield directory listed Alfred S. Hepworth, painter & decorator, operating from 288 Glossop Road (tel. no. 9921) with his home at 24 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield.


The 1911 census found Alfred had sisters Ellen (Now listed by Alfred himself as “Helen”), Lucy and Alice living with him at 24 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield.




Alfred Skelton Hepworth, still of 24 Wilkinson Street, died, aged 79, on 09/12/1926, and was buried at Ecclesall All Saints on 14/12/1926.




Alfred Skelton Hepworth assisted in the arrangements for the 3rd meeting of the Yorkshire County Chess Club of 1888, when he was a member of Arundel & Hallamshire Chess Club as week as the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club.


He played

in the 1890 Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club v. St. George’s Birmingham match

in the Sheffield v Hull Woodhouse Cup match of 14/02/1891

in the 1893 Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club v. Sheffield & DCA match

in the Sheffield v Leeds Woodhouse Cup match of 13/01/1900.





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