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21/04/1836, Wakefield



09/12/1893, Wakefield


12/12/1893, St. Helen’s, Sandal Magna


Non-Chess Life


Joseph Haslegrave’s parents were John Haslegrave (born 1800/01, New Miller Dam) and Mary Ann Haslegrave (born 1809/10, Castleford) who had at least three children, all born in Wakefield:


Joseph Haslegrave

born 21/04/1836

Elizabeth Haslegrave

born 1838

John Haslegrave

born 08/01/1841

died 18/12/1862


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford ..., 1854, listed a John Haslegrave at Heath, about 2 miles to the SE of Wakefield as the crow flies.  This might have been our man’s father.


The 1861 census found the parents and three children living in the Chapelthorpe area of Crigglestone, a spread-out township 3 miles SW of Wakefield, including the villages of Crigglestone,Chapelthorpe, Hall Green, Dirtcar, Painthorpe,and part of new Miller Dam.  Father John was a land agent.  Joseph was a bank clerk and insurance agent.


Joseph died on 18/12/1862, aged 21.


Entry 75 in the marriage register of St. James’s Chapel, Chapelthorpe, records the marriage by licence, on 16/04/1868, by I. H. Micklethwait, of full-aged bachelor Joseph Haslegrave, bank clerk of Chaplethorpe, son of John Haslegrave, land agent, to full-aged widow Fanny Smith, of Dirtcar House, daughter of Thomas Wadsworth, gentleman.  (Dirtcar is now called Durkar.)


Fanny (born 1839/40, West Ardsley, about 4 miles NW of Wakefield) already had at least one child, John Wadsworth Smith (born 1860/61, Rath.....?, Ireland).  Joseph and Fanny had at least the following ten children:


Ethel Rebecca Haslegrave

born 1869/70, Crigglestone

Henry John Haslegrave

born Jan/Feb 1871, Crigglestone

Florence Haslegrave

born 1871/72, Crigglestone

Eva Haslegrave

born 1873/74, Crigglestone

George Haslegrave

born 1874/75, Crigglestone

Edward Haslegrave

born 1876/77, Wakefield

Lucy Haslegrave

born 22/03/1878, Wakefield

died 15/01/1918

Maria/Marion Haslegrave

born 1879/80, Wakefield

Fanny W Haslegrave

born 1882/83, Sandal

Frank R Haslegrave

born 1884/85, Sandal


White's Directory of Leeds & the West Riding, 1870, listed Joseph Haslegrave, bank cashier living at Dirtcar House.  It also listed John Haslegrave, colliery agent of J. & J. Charlesworth.


The 1871 census found Parents Joseph and Fanny living with 10-year-old John, 1-year-old Ethel and 2-month-old Henry, and three servants, at Dirtcar House, Crigglestone.  Joseph was a bank cashier.


Father John Haslegrave died on 07/08/1878, aged 78, at Leicester.


The birthplaces of the children suggest that the family lived in relatively centrally to Wakefield from about 1875/76 to 1880/81.


The 1881 census found the family at Manygates House, Sandal, about 2 miles south of the centre of Wakefield.  John Wadsworth Smith had by now left home, it seems, while Henry John Haslegrave wasn’t listed in the household either.  Joseph’s 42-year-old Wakefield-born widowed sister, Mary Salisbury, was living with them.  They had three servants.  Joseph was now a corn merchant and farmer.


Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed Joseph Haslegrave at Manygates House, Sandal, Wakefield.  It listed Joseph Haslegrave, corn miller, as a partner in Reynolds & Haslegrave.  It listed Reynolds & Haslegrave, farmers, at Milnethorpe.  It listed Reynolds & Haslegrave, corn millers and merchants, at Kirkgate and at Thornes Lane, Wakefield.


Fanny Haslegrave died on 28/09/1890, aged 51.  Entry 673 in the burial register of St. Helen’s, Sandal Magna, recorded her burial there by R. L. Hirt/Hurt, on 01/10/1890.


The 1891 census found the family living at Stanley Hall, about a mile-and-a-quarter NNE of the centre of Wakefield, off Aberford Road (A642), opposite where there is now a prison officer training establishment which is on the north side of Pinderfields Hospital.  Widower Joseph Haslegrave had living with him Ethel, Henry, Florence, Eva, Edward, Marion, Fanny, Frank, his 80-year-old widowed mother, Mary A. Haslegrove, and six servants.  Joseph was now not only a corn miller but was also a JP.


On 01/06/1891, at Ashover, Derbyshire, 55-year-old Joseph Haslegrave, son of John Haslegrave, married 31-year-old Mary Jane Smorfitt, daughter of John Smorfitt.  Mary Jane Smorfitt had been born 15/02/1860.


Joseph’s mother, Mary Ann Haslegrave, died 28/12/1891, aged 81.


White's Directory of Leeds & the Clothing District, 1894, listed Reynolds and Haslegrave at 24 Thornes Lane, Wakefield.  This entry may well represent data collected prior to Joseph Haslegrave’s death.




Joseph Haslegrave of Stanley Hall near Wakefield, corn miller, died on 09/12/1893, aged 57.


Entry 150 of the burial register of St. Helen’s, Sandal Magna (presumably, on the basis of the numbering, a new one, following on from the one mentioned above) recorded the burial there, by R. L. Hurt/Hirt, on 12/12/1893, of 57-year-old Joseph Haslegrave, of Stanley Hall.


Probate was granted to Mary Jane Haslegrave, widow, and Henry John Haslegrave, corn miller.  His effects totalled £5,678 9s 9d.


Mary Jane Haslegrave died on 13/08/1928.


(Click here for images of the Haslegrave graves.)




There was a J. Haslegrave of Idle, to the north of Bradford, who attended the 1867 West Yorkshire Chess Association meeting.  This wouldn’t have been our man, but might have been a cousin.


Joseph Haslegrave of Wakefield attended the annual meetings of the West Yorkshire Chess Association in 1873, 1875, 1877, 1879 and 1880.


He played for Wakefield in the 1872 Wakefield-Bradford match.





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