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1888, Sheffield



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The parents of Joseph Samuel Hamer were Joseph Samuel Hamer senior (born 1853/54, Burnley, Lancs.) and Jane Hamer (née Slinn, 1853/54/55, Sheffield), whose marriage was registered in the third quarter of 1874, at Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, and who had at least six children including the following four, all born in Sheffield:


Ezekiel J Hamer

born 1876/77

Edith A Hamer

born 1878/79

Lilian/Lillian E Hamer

born 1882/83

Joseph Samuel Hamer

born 1888/89


The 1911 census return stated that at that time they’d had 6 children of whom only 3 were still living, implying at least one of Ezekiel, Edith and Li(l)ian had died by 02/04/1911.


The birth of Joseph Samuel Hamer (junior) was registered in the third quarter of 1888, at Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield.


The 1891 census found the parents and the above four children living at 38 Richard Road, Heeley, Sheffield.  The father was employed in the cutlery industry, as was Ezekiel.  Edith and Lil(l)ian were scholar.  The future chess-player was only 2 years old.


The 1901 census found the parents, Ezekiel, Lil(l)ian and Joseph (junior) living still at 38 Richard Road.  The father was still in the cutlery industry, but was now an employer.  Ezekiel was a edge-tool hardener.  Lil(l)ian was an assistant to her father.  12-year-old Joseph Samuel Hamer had no stated occupation.


The 1911 census found only Joseph Samuel Hamer junior living still with his parents, their home now being 369 Shoreham Street, Sheffield.  The occupations of both father and son remained as before.


Joseph Samuel Hamer senior, still of 369 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, died on 22/06/1933.  Administation of his will was granted to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd.  He left £507 15s 10d.


The marriage of Joseph Samuel Hamer (junior) was registered in the first quarter of 1935, at Sheffield.




The death of a Joseph S. Hamer, at age 78, was registered in the first quarter of 1967, in the Buckrose registration area.  This would appear to have referred to the former Sheffield chess-player.




He played in the 1924 Geza Maroczy simultaneous display in Sheffield.


He played in the 1933 Yorkshire v Cheshire match.


He played in the 1934 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He played in the 1935 Northumberland v Yorkshire match.


He played in the 1935 Lancshire v Yorkshire match


He played in the 1936 Yorkshire v Durham match.


He played in the 1936 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He represented Sheffield in the Woodhouse Cup, for instance in 1933-34 and 1934-35.





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