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Jul/Aug 1860


26/02/1865, Bradford


03/04/1911, Bradford




Non-Chess Life


The parents of Albert Ernest Foster were John Foster, and Rose Anna Foster, who had at least the following eight children, all born in Bradford.


William Foster

born 1854, Leeds

John Thomas Foster

born 1856/57, Leeds

Claude Foster

born 1864, Bradford

Albert Ernest Foster

born  Jul/Aug 1860 Bradford

Lucy Booth Foster

born 1866, Bradford

Frederick Foster

born 1869/70, Bradford

Ethel Beatrice Foster

born 1872, Bradford

Mary Agnes Foster

born 1875/76, Bradford


On the basis of him being 8 months old in the 1861 census, Albert Ernest Foster was born at some time from 08/07/1860 to 07/08/1861.


The 1861 census found parents John and Rose, and sons William and John living with one domestic servant, at 97 Manchester Road, Horton, Bradford. 

Father John Foster was credited with being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, practising as a surgeon.


In 1863, John Thomas Foster died.


On 26/02/1865, William Foster, Claude Foster and Albert Ernest Foster were baptised at St. James, Bradford.


In 1868, Claude Foster died, aged 4.


The 1871 census found parents, and children William, Albert, Lucy and Frederick living with two servants at 113 Little Horton Lane, Bradford.  Father John was now given the qualification FCS, London, and was still a general practitioner.  William and Albert were scholars.


The 1881 census gave the families address as 113 Little Horton Lane.  William (who also entered the medical profession) and Frederick had left home, seemingly, and parents John and Rose were living with Albert, Lucy, Ethel, and Mary, with two servants.  John was still a medical practitioner.  Albert was now a medical student, while Lucy and Ethel were scholars.


Father John Foster died in 1889.


Albert Ernest Foster is elusive in the 1891 census, but apart from a move at some stage from no. 113 to no. 58 Little Horton Lane, little changed from 1881 to 1901.


The 1901 census found widowed Rose Anna Foster living with Albert, Ethel, Mary and a servant at 58 Little Horton Road, Bradford.  Albert Ernest Foster was now a medical practitioner.


On 10/09/1902, at All Saints, St. John’s Wood, 41-year-old Albert Ernest Foster married 31-year-old Gertrude Caroline Viret, of 115 Alexandra Road, Marylebone, daughter of Benjamin Pope Viret, a registrar at HM War Office.  The couple went on to have at least one child:


John Viret Foster

born 1905/06, Bradford


The 1911 census return found parents Albert and Gertrude, son Benjamin, Albert’s two sisters Lucy and Ethel, living with a sick nurse and a general domestic servant at 58 Horton Lane, Bradford (erroneously recorded without the “Little”).  This was the state of affairs as at the census date of 02/04/1911, but Albert died the following day, which probably explains why the census return was signed not by Albert but by Gertrude.  The presence in the household of a sick nurse suggests Albert had been ill for a while.




Albert Ernest Foster died in Bradford on 03/04/1911, at the age of 50.




How active Albert Edward Foster was in local chess is unclear, but at the 1888 British Chess Federation congress in Bradford, “A. E. Foster” played both in the “Tennyson” tournament for members of the professions, and in the Third Class tournament for Yorkshire players.





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