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21/12/ 1867, Sheffield



11/12/1962, Rotherham


14/12/1962, Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham


(taken in the early 1930s)


Non-Chess Life


Reginald Dewar’s parents were David Dewar (born 1824/25, Edinburgh, Scotland) and Elisabeth Dewar (née Slater, 1831/32, Belper, Derbyshire).  This couple had at least the following six children, all Sheffield-born:


Isabel Dewar

(later married surname Dale [2])


Elisabeth Dewar

(later married surname Hindle [2])


David Dewar

(later Rev. David Dewar [2])


George Dewar



Harriet Ruth Dewar [2]

(later married surname Belfield [2])

Reginald Dewar


born 1867 [1,2], Sheffield [1]


Though Reginald was born in 1867, the birth was registered in the first quarter of 1868, at Sheffield, rather implying he was born in later December 1867.


The 1871 census found the parents and above children, except Harriet, living at 81 Tenter Street, Sheffield.  (The names are spelt here as in the 1871 census.)  Father David was a picture-frame maker.  Isobel and Elisabeth were button warehouse girls.  David George and Reginald were scholars.  The nature of the schooling isn’t clear.


The 1881 census found 13-year-old Reginald Dewar as one of 98 pupils resident at the Boys’ Charity School, East Parade, Sheffield, which was run by 36-year-old George Fieldsend, a certificated schoolmaster, with the help of a matron and two domestic servants.


Though born in Sheffield, Reginald Dewar lived in Rotherham from the age of 20 [1], in other words from about 1887.  Thus the 1891 census found Reginald lodging at 18 Aldred Street, Rotherham with John Betts, a letter clerk, and his wife Mary.  Reginald was himself a clerk.


His marriage to Annie Louisa Crowder was registered in the third quarter of 1899, at Rotherham.  The couple had at least the following four children, all born in Rotherham:


Dorothy Grace Dewar

born 10/07/1900

Thomas Jocelyn Dewar

born 1902

Reginald Duncan Dewar

born 1905/06

Mary Louisa Dewar

birth reg. Q1 1912

death reg. Q2 1912


The 1901 census found Reginald and his wife with 8-month-old Dorothy Grace Dewar living at 46 Lister Street, Rotherham.


The 1911 census found the family, now increased to three children, living at 5 Clifton Crescent South, which was almost a continuation of Lister Street, though they don’t connect.


Mary Louisa Dewar was born in 1912 but soon died.


The death of his wife, apparently from breast cancer, was registered at Rotherham in the third quarter of 1914 [2].


Daughter Dorothy became a schoolteacher, but never married, it seems.


Prior to 1925, he worked at Guest and Chrymes in Rotherham [2].


He was a Rotherham councillor for a number of years before being elected Mayor of Rotherham in [June?] 1925.  After he’d served as Mayor for 1825-26, the council presented him with a “smoking cabinet” as a farewell gift [2].


He remained on the council as an Alderman from 1926 to 1929.  There followed a period while he was not a councillor, but he was re-elected to the council in 1932 [1].


The marriage of his eldest son, Thomas Jocelyn Dewar, to Cecilia Goodwin, took place in 1926, at Chesterfield.


By 1934 he was a partner of Cox, Dewar and Beaton [1], of Rotherham, auctioneers and estate agents, The Crofts Mart, Rotherham, established 1822 (presumably without the “Dewar”).


By 1939, Reginald Dewar and his daughter Dorothy Grace Dewar lived at Barden, Moorgate Grove, Rotherham.  They had a housekeeper.  Dorothy had by now retired from school-teaching.




Reginald Dewar, of Barden, Moorgate Grove, Rotherham, died on 11/12/1962.


The Sheffield Daily Telegraph of 13/12/1962 carried the following under “Deaths”:


DEWAR.- On Dec. 11, at his home, Barden, Moorgate Grove, Reginald, in his 95th year.  Interment at Moorgate Cemetery, Friday, Dec. 14, preceded by service at Rotherham parish church at noon.


Probate was granted to Dorothy Grace Dewar, spinster.  His effects totalled £10,498 6s 6d.




He started playing chess as a boy.  He joined Rotherham Chess Club around 1894.  After the club had lapsed during the war period, he was one of those who re-established a Rotherham Chess Club in late 1919.


He played variously for Rotherham and for Rotherham Unionist Club in the Rotherham league.


He played for Rotherham in the Sheffield & District Chess Association’s Davy Trophy.


He played for Rotherham & District Chess Association teams in the Woodhouse Cup while such a team existed in the in the post-war years.


He was a finalist in the Bingham Trophy competition for the Championship of Rotherham in 1921, but lost to Archie Fleming.  He won the Rotherham Championship in 1934, beating H. J. Veater in the final.


He won the Stella Oliver Cup for the Championship of the Rotherham and District Chess Association in 1932-33.


He never won the Sheffield Championship.




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