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31/01/1849, Pendleton, Manchester


06/05/1849, Holmfirth Independent Chapel


30/07/1930, Ilkley



Non-Chess Life


Samuel Moulding Cocking’s parents were James Cockin (born 1822/23, Holmfirth) and Martha Cockin (born 1821/22, Bingley).  They appear to have had only the one child.


The wholly handwritten “Register of Baptisms belonging to the Independent chapel at Holmfirth, parish of Almondbury, near Huddersfield” recorded the baptism of Samuel Moulding Cockin, son of James Cockin and Martha Cockin of Pendleton, Manchester, on 06/05/1849.  The child’s date of birth was recorded as 31/01/1849.


The officiant at the baptism was a certain John Cockin, who had been conducting baptisms at Holmfirth’s Independent Chapel since 1807 or earlier.  He seems likely to have been Samuel’s paternal grandfather or great uncle.


The 1861 census found Samuel Moulding Cockin and his mother Martha living with Martha’s widowed mother, Alice Moulding (born 1794/95, Arthington, 5 miles E of Otley) and two of Alice’s granddaughters, Alice Craven (born 1849/50, Cullingworth, 2 miles E of Howarth) and Martha Craven (born 1851/52, Cullingworth) at Mytholme, Wilsden, 5 miles NW of Bradford.  Father James Cockin must have been elsewhere at the time.


The 1871 census found parents James and Martha living with 22-year-old son Samuel M. Cockin and 21-year-old niece Alice Craven living at 9 Milton Place, Halifax.  Father James was described as living off “interest of monies”.  Samuel was a wool salesman.


The marriage of Samuel Moulding Cockin to Lucy Anne Dearden was registered in the fourth quarter of 1873, at Halifax.  The couple had at least the following two children, both born in Halifax:


Margaret Cockin

born 1875/76

Alice Cockin

born 1876/77


The 1881 census found Samuel and Lucy living with daughters Margaret and Alice, and two servants, at Highfield Terrace, Halifax.  Samuel was a wool-stapler employing one man.  There were three(?) servants.  (The surname was mis-recorded as “Cocking”.)


The 1891 census found the family of four, with one servant, living at 30 Park View, Halifax.  Samuel was now a woollen salesman and warehouseman, suggesting he was now employed rather than working on his own account.  (The surname was again mis-recorded as “Cocking”.)


The 1901 census found the family of four, with one servant, living at Mill House, Denby Dale Road, Thornes, a mile to the SSW of the centre of Wakefield.  Samuel was now a wool-buyer.  Margaret was a private-school teacher, while Alice was a stocking knitter.


The 1911 census found the family of four, with one servant, living at 1 West Leigh, Walton, about 3 miles SSE of the centre of Wakefield.  “West Leigh” was probably the name of a house.  No road of that name is listed on modern street maps of Walton.  Samuel was now a retired wool buyer.  Margaret was a sick nurse.


In time Samuel moved to Ilkley.




Samuel Moulding Cockin of 11 Wood Rhydding, Ilkley, died on 30/07/1930, aged 81.  Probate was granted to Margaret Cockin, spinster, and Robert Johnson Shaw, colliery manager.  He left £23,068 1s.




“S. M. Cockin” of Halifax attended the West Yorkshire Chess Association meetings of 1870 and 1888.


“M. S. Cockin” of Halifax played board 26 for Yorkshire in the 1883 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.  The initials were presumably reversed in error.


“S. M. Cockin” of Halifax played board 42 for Yorkshire in the 1884 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.


An “S. Cockin” played for Bradford on the early years of the Woodhouse Cup, but that presumably wasn’t S. M. Cocking of Halifax, unless, in the absence of a Halifax team, he was playing for Bradford.


“S. M. Cockin” played in the 1899 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.


“S. M. Cockin” of Wakefield played in the 1900 Lancashire-Yorkshire match.





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