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09/05/1868, Huddersfield




04/06/1940, Birchencliffe, Huddersfield




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The parents of Percy Rosomond Clifford were woollen agent James Clifford (born 1840, Huddersfield) and Sarah Ann Clifford (née Crosland), who married in 1864, in Huddersfield, and had at least the following children:


Amy H Clifford

born 1866, Huddersfield

Percy Rosomond Clifford

born 09/05/1868  [1939 Register], Huddersfield

Blanch Emmeline Clifford

born Oct/Nov 1870, Huddersfield

Alexander James Clifford

born 1872, Huddersfield


Percy’s middle name appears incorrectly as “Rosmand” in birth registration index transcriptions, and on at least one occasion in a census transcription as “Rosamond”, but Percy’s own recording of his name in his 1911 census return is clearly “Rosomond”, as most frequently occurs elsewhere.  His date of birth was provided by the 1939 Register.


The 1871 census found the family in an unnumbered private house (presumably what became no. 19) in Honoria Street, Fartown, Huddersfield.


The 1881 census found the family at 19 Honoria Street, Fartown, Huddersfield.  12-year-old Percy was an architect’s clerk, so clearly he did not get much of an education.


Father James died, aged 49, in 1889/90, in Huddersfield.


The 1891 census found the family living at 59 Manchester Road, Huddersfield.  Percy and brother Alexander were both solicitor’s clerks.  Whilst others with an reasonable education progressed from solicitor’s clerk to solicitor, Percy remained a solicitor’s clerk for the rest of his life.


In 1892, in Bolton, Lancashire, Percy married Minnie Stuart (born 26/08/1862 [1939 Register], Harrogate [censuses] – birth registration difficult to find).  The couple had one child:


Philip Reginald Clifford

born 03/091894, Huddersfield


The 1901 census found Percy, Minnie and son at 131 Bradford Road, Huddersfield, he being a solicitor’s clerk.


The 1911 census found the Cliffords at 112 Blackhouse Road, Fartown, Huddersfield, Percy being a managing law clerk.


The family evidently moved to Leeds at some time from 1911 to 1928, as electoral rolls for 1929 to 1931 found Percy and Minnie at 36 Roberts Avenue, Harehills, Leeds.


The 1939 Register found Percy and Minnie at 29 Roundhay Crescent, Leeds, he being a solicitor’s clerk.  Son Philip was at this time resident in Southgate, Middlesex


It appears Percy moved back to Huddersfield in 1939 or 1940, as he died in the Birchencliffe district of Huddersfield, and was described in his death notice as “of Huddersfield (recently of Leeds)”.




The Yorkshire Evening Post of 07/06/1940 reported the death, aged 72, at Birchencliffe, of Percy R Clifford of Huddersfield (recently of Leeds).




His recorded chess activity seems to be limited to the period 1893 to 1904, participating in the activities of Huddersfield Chess Club, and representing both Huddersfield in the Woodhouse Cup, and Yorkshire, but only from time to time, perhaps preferring evening club chess to Saturday match chess.


He played on one or other of the top three boards for Huddersfield in the 1893-94 Woodhouse Cup.


He played in the 1896 Cheshire v Yorkshire match.


He played in the 1897 City of London CC v Yorkshire CA telephone match.


He played in only one match for Huddersfield in the 1899-1900 Woodhouse Cup, on board 1.


He played just two games for Huddersfield in the 1901-02 Woodhouse Cup, one on board 1 and one on board 2.






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