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22/01/1890, Chester


1948, Sheffield


Identity of the Chess-Player


Henry Howard Clarke is not to be confused with similarly-named Sheffield chess-player Henry Clark (no final “e”) who was born 16/05/1913.


Non-Chess Life


Henry Howard Clarke was born in 1890, at Chester, son of ironmonger Henry Evans Clarke (born 1861, Colchester) and Fanny Emily Clarke (née Howard, 1867, Crewe, Nantwich) of Eaton Road, Chester, who got married in 1888 at Nantwich, Cheshire, and went on to have at least the following two children:


Henry Howard Clarke

1890, Chester

Thomas Hambli(o)n Clarke

1890/91, Shrewsbury

Hugh Higgs Clarke

1884/85, Shrewsbuy

Harriet Emily Clarke

1886/87, Manchester

Leonard Guest Clarke

1898/99, Hull

Jack Ismay Clarke

1900, Hull

Maurice Stuart Clarke

1902, Hull

Gilbert Douglas Clarke

1905, Hull

Eric Arthur Clarke

1905, Hull

Monica Zadie Joyce Clarke

1908, Hull

William Vincent Clarke

1910, Hull


Henry Howard Clarke was baptised on 06/04/1890, at Chester, by F G Cole, curate.


The 1891 census recorded the family under the surname “Clark”, at Eaton Road, Chester.


By 1899 the family had settled in Hull, though births of two children, two in Shrewsbury and one in Manchester suggest a possible brief residence in one or both of those places.


In the 1911 census, father Henry Evans Clarke was recorded as a silversmith manager.  Henry Howard Clarke had by then left home, and was lodging with the Froggatt household (three brothers and two sisters) at 104 Idsworth Road, Firth Park, Sheffield.  Henry was a traveller for a flour miller.


In 1913, Henry married one of the Froggatt sisters, Jessie Froggatt (born 17/04/1889, Sheffield).  The couple went on to have at least the following children:


John H Clarke

03/02/1915, Sheffield

Margaret Clarke

11/02/1917, Newark

Sylvia Clarke

10/08/1923, Sheffield


On 05/11/1916, Henry was drafted for “short service” into the “Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Garrison Artillery)”.  In the paperwork he was listed as a miller’s traveller.  His address at this time was 80 Vickers Road, Firth Park, Sheffield.


The 1939 Register found Henry and Jessie living with the above three children and two other people at 215 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield.  Henry was still a commercial traveller, as was son John, while Margaret was a shorthand typist and Sylvia was a clerk.




He played chess in Sheffield at least over the period 1920 to 1937.  He was Sheffield Champion in 1920 and 1921.  He played for Sheffield in the Woodhouse Cup in the 1920s and 1930s and possibly before and/or after.  He played in the 1922 Rotherham Capablanca simultaneous display.




Henry Howard Clarke died in 1948, in Sheffield.







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