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Jonathan Squire Chrispin


Stanley Chrispin


1845, Aldborough, Yorkshire



23/10/1869, Huddersfield




09/01/1870, Huddersfield


30/05/1921, Huddersfield



1934, Dudley, Staffs.






Joseph Squire Chrispin and Stanley Chrispin were chess-playing cousins whose ages, however, differed by about 24 years, so that their respective periods of activity on the Huddersfield chess scene may well not have coincided.


Family Background


The Chrispins of Huddersfield, with their characteristic “h”, came from a family which farmed in the vicinity of Easingwold, North Yorkshire, but then moved to Huddersfield, where members of the family in due course set up businesses of one sort of another.


The family from which the Huddersfield Chrispins arose was that of farmer Jonathan Crispin (born c. 1785, Yorkshire) and Ann Chrispin (born 1800/01, Witley, North Yorkshire).  This couple was found by the 1841 census living at Spring House, Raskelf, North Yorkshire, with the following nine children:


Elizabeth Chrispin

born 1823/24, Cornbrough

Tabitha Chrispin

born c. 1825/26, Cornbrough

Jonathan Chrispin

born c. 1825/26

Mary Chrispin

born 1827/28, Cornbrough

Jane Chrispin

born 1828/29, Cornbrough

Isabella Chrispin

born 1829/30

Thomas Chrispin

born 1831/32, Raskelf

Robert Chrispin

born 1832/33

William Chrispin

born 1835/36, Raskelf


There is a subsequent reference to a Susannah Chrispin, born 1824/25 at Raskelf.  She may have been a sibling of the above, or a cousin.  There is also a subsequent reference to a Leonard Chrispin, born 1829/30 at Fairburn, in the Castleford/Knottingley area.  He may have been a sibling of the above (though why, then, was he not listed in 1841 with the above nine?) or he may have been a cousin.


Non-Chess Life of Jonathan Squire Chrispin


Jonathan Chrispin married Ann [surname Squire?] (born 1824/25, Raskelf) at some time from 1841 to 1845.  The couple had a son, Jonathan Squire Chrispin, who was born at Aldbrough, (meaning “old town”, a former capital of the Brigantes, known to the Romans as Isurium,) in North Yorkshire, up the hill from Boroughbridge, and about 7 miles SW of Raskelf.


The 1851 census found 5-year-old Aldbrough-born “J. S.Chrispen” living with his widowed grandmother Ann Chrispin and his maiden aunt Jane Chrispin at an unspecified address in Corbrough (also spelt Cornborough in some contexts), an area of dispersed farms etc, 8 miles of so ESE of Easingwold, and 2 miles WNW of Sherriff Hutton.  Grandmother Ann was described as a landed proprietor.


The 1861 census found 15-year-old “Jonathan Chrispen” living with his uncle Thomas Chrispin, now a widower, and widowed 35-year-old Raskelf-born Susannah Chrispin, who was probably also an aunt, and was acting as housekeeper.  These three were living with two servants in Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, which is also where Thomas and Walter Parratt lived at the time, at no. 17.  This was probably 22 Ramsden Street, where Thomas was living on 1866.  Uncle Thomas was an ironmonger, while 15-year-old Jonathan, seemingly, was a woollen merchant, or more probably working for one.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1866, listed Thomas Chrispin, ironmonger, trading at 39 King Street, Huddersfield, and Cross Queen Street, Huddersfield, with his home at 22 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield.


It was possibly when uncle Thomas got married that Jonathan went to live with his other at Portland Street.


White’s General and Commercial Directory of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield &c, 1870, listed Thomas Chrispin at 22 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, with commercial premises at 28 King Street; Jonathan Squire Chrispin, at 44 Portland Street, Huddersfield; and William Chrispin, pharmaceutical chemist, at 39 King Street.


The 1871 found 25-year-old Aldborough-born “Jonathan S. Chrispin” living with his mother, Ann Chrispin, and one servant, at Portland Street, Huddersfield.  Jonathan was a commercial traveller in woollen cloth.


The marriage of Jonathan Squire Chrispin to Eliza Alice Malden (born 1852/53, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire) was registered in the third quarter of 1876, at Biggleswade.  The couple went on to have four children, of whom two survived, both born in Huddersfield:


Ethel Mary Chrispin


Frederick Malden Chrispin



The 1881 census found the family of four living with two servants at Belgrave Terrace, Huddersfield.  Jonathan was still a commercial traveller, in wool.  Kelly’s Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, listed “Jaunton” Chrispin at 4 Belgrave Terrace, Bradley Lane, Huddersfield.


The 1891 census found the family of four living at 1 Melrose Terrace, Bradley Lane, Huddersfield, with one servant. Jonathan was a cloth salesman.  The children were scholars.


The 1901 census found the family of two aren’t, two children, and Eliza’s widowed mother, Ann Malden (born 1824/25, Raskelf), living with one servant at Elmwood, [44] Bath Street, Huddersfield.  Jonathan was a woollen cloth salesman.  Fredrick was a cloth designer.


The 1911 census found the family of four, no longer having with Ann Malden with them, but now with two servants, living still at [Elmwood,] 44 Bath Street, Huddersfield.  Jonathan was a cloth salesman still, while Frederick was described as a cloth manufacturer.  Frederick’s business became known as F. M. Chrispin, woollen manufacturers, with its premises at Rookery Mills, Huddersfield.


Non-Chess Life of Stanley Chrispin


As mentioned above, Jonathan Squire Chrispin’s uncle Thomas was an ironmonger resident in 1861 in Ramsden Street, (presumably no. 22), Huddersfield.  At some time from 1861 to 1867, he married Ann Eliza [surname?] (born 1842/42, York).  The couple had at least the following six children, all born in Huddersfield:


Ada Chrispin


Mary Edith Chrispin


Stanley Chrispin


Henry Chrispin


Alfred Chrispin


Annie Chrispin



Entry 4405 in the baptism register of Huddersfield’s Queen Street Methodist Chapel, records the baptism there on 09/01/1870, by John G. Cox, of Stanley, son of Thomas Chrispin, ironmonger, and Anne Eliza Chrispin, of Ramsden Street, Huddersfield.  The date of birth was recorded as 23/10/1869.


The 1871 census found Thomas and Ann living with the first three children and two servants at 22 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield.  Stanley was recorded as 1 year and 6 months old.  Thomas an ironmonger still.


At some stage from 1871 to 1881,Thomas became a town councillor.


The 1881 census found the parents and all six children living with two servants at Colne Villa, Kings Mill Lane, Huddersfield, to the SE of the town centre, running along the opposite side of the River Colne from the town centre.  Thomas was still an ironmonger, besides being a town councillor.


Kelly’s West Riding directory of 1881 listed Thomas Chrispin at Colne Villa, Almondbury, with his ironmongery business as 26 King Street, Huddersfield, and gave the ward he represented on the council as East Ward and that he’d be retiring in 1881 (unless re-elected).


The family was still at King’s Mill Lane in the 1891 census.  Ada and Mary were no longer listed.  Thomas was still an ironmonger, but was as a town councillor.  White’s Leeds and Clothing District Directory, 1894, described Thomas more precisely as a retail ironmonger, with business premises at Queen Street and 28 King Street, Huddersfield.


The marriage of Stanley Chrispin to Sarah Hirst was registered in the third quarter of 1893, at Huddersfield.  The couple had at least the following three children, all born in Huddersfield:


Ralph Stanley Chrispn

born 1896/97

Joel Gordon Hirst Chrispin

born  1898/99

Philip Martyn Chrispin

born  1904/05


The 1901 census found Stanley and Sarah with the first two children, and one servant, living at 58 Spring Street, Huddersfield.  Stanley was an ironmonger, presumably in his father’s business.


The 1911 census found the parents and all three children, with one servant, living at 234 Lockwood Road, Huddersfield.  41-year-old Stanley was still an ironmonger.


In the fullness of time he seems to have moved to Staffordshire.


Death of Jonathan Squire Chrispin


Jonathan Squire Chrispin, of Elmwood, 44 Bath Street, Huddersfield, died on 30/05/1921, aged 75.  Probate was granted to Eliza Alice Chrispin, widow, and Edward Foster Brook, solicitor.  He left £2,737 18s 9d.


Death of Stanley Chrispin


The death of Stanley Chrispin, aged 64, was registered in the third quarter of 1934, at Dudley Staffs.




“J. S. Chrispin,” as a member of Huddersfield Chess Club, attended the annual meeting of the West Yorkshire Chess Association in 1881, when it was held in Huddersfield.


In 1897, Dr. John Latimer Parke and Stanley Chrispin donated a trophy in the form of a king chess-piece, for competition in Huddersfield Chess Club’s handicap tournament.


“S. Chrispin” was playing for Huddersfield as early as the 1899-00 season, possibly earlier, and as late as 1906-07, and probably later.


He played bottom board for Yorkshire in the 1898-99 Yorkshire v Lancashire match.


He played on the 19th of 22 boards in the 1902 Cumberland v Yorkshire match.


He played in the 1903 Huddersfield v North Manchester match.


He played in the 1903 West Riding v North & East Ridings match.


He played in the 1904 Yorkshire-Lancashire match.





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