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The preliminary meeting of 17th May had clearly intended that its resolutions be formally adopted at the meeting on 21st June.  For things to be done properly, that would require all four clubs involved to be represented by at least one suitably mandated delegate.  However, it was not until the next meeting, in 1857, that those initial resolutions were formally approved and implemented as Halifax were not represented on 21st June 1856.  In the list, by club, of those in attendance, the minutes say:

“Halifax:    Messrs. Nobody”


The inference must be that this meeting, possibly after indignant mumblings and recriminations which have been tactfully omitted from the minutes, decided to postpone formal consideration of the proposals, which were eventually formally agreed at the 1857 meeting.  The West Yorkshire Chess Association was thus born and went on to hold annual one-day meetings in Yorkshire for at least 36 consecutive years, while larger organisations in the wider world came in being, evolved, floundered, and finally died.


As time went by, WYCA assumed responsibility for representing Yorkshire chess as a whole, in organising chess matches against Lancashire.  In 1885 a Yorkshire County Chess Club came into operation to oversee county-wide operations such as county matches and a Yorkshire Individual Championship.  Meanwhile, WYCA was running the Woodhouse Cup competition, which after its first year had been thrown open to the whole of Yorkshire.  In 1896 WYCA and YCCC were merged to form the present Yorkshire Chess Association, which, via WYCA, is the direct descendant in spirit of the original Yorkshire Chess Association founded in 1840 and first meeting in 1841.


The organisation run by Arthur Bolland Skipworth, which was for a short while called the “Yorkshire Chess Association” has no connection with the original YCA or the current YCA.


Dates and venues of successive annual WYCA meetings were as follows (details of later meeting not to hand):

1856, Leeds

1857, Wakefield

1858, Halifax

1859, Huddersfield

1860, Bradford

1861, Leeds

1862, Wakefield

1863, Sheffield

1864, Huddersfield

1865, Bradford

1866, Leeds

1867, Wakefield

1868, Sheffield

1869, Huddersfield

1870, Halifax

1871, Bradford

1872, Leeds

1873, Wakefield

1874, Huddersfield

1875, Sheffield

1876, Halifax

1877, Bradford

1878, Leeds

1879, Wakefield

1880, Sheffield

1881, Huddersfield

1882, Dewsbury

1883, Bradford

1884, Leeds

1885, Wakefield

1886, Huddersfield

1887, Dewsbury

1888, Bradford

1889, Leeds

1890, Dewsbury

1891, Farsley

1892, ?

1893, ?

1894, ?

1895, ?



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