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Doncaster Chess Congress 2021

(cancelled due to Covid)

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Results (21st-23rd February 2020)

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Results (22rd-24th February 2019)

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Trevor Taylor


Doncaster Chess Congress 2022


Arrangements have been made for the Doncaster Chess Congress, 2022, to go ahead, always subject of course to developments in the Covid pandemic, on the weekend of


25th – 27th February, 2022,

at the usual venue of

Hall Cross School.


Downloadable entry forms are available here:



Entries are being limited to 180.


Upper rating limits for rating-restricted sections, with approximated equivalent old grades for comparison, are as follows:



Upper Rating Limit

Old Grade Approx.





2000 or below



1800 or below



1600 or below



Entry fees and prizes remain as before, being for each section:


Basic Entry Fee


Deduction for ECF Silver Gold or Platinum membership


Deduction for juniors born after 31/12/2003


First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


Rating Prizes (3 per section)



Note that the ECF Grand Prix is currently suspended, see


Games will of course be submitted for ECF rating.


This will be the first grading/rating submission made by the organisers since introduction of the new system.  Since the last day of the event is 27th February (26th in 2023), and the cut-off date for submission of data for the February ratings is 28th February, meeting that cut-off may be difficult to meet, especially if there are queries to resolve, such as ones relating to the identity of apparently “new” players.  Often people end up with two or more grading/rating codes due to such things not being properly resolved up front, necessitating merges later on: more haste, less speed.


“Late” result submissions do not get reflected in the

“Latest Official Original Monthly Rating (fixed)”

on the ECF rating website, but are reflected in the

“Latest Official Revised Monthly Rating (subject to daily revision)”

for a given player.


A map showing the location of the venue can be downloaded here:


Map in old Word .doc format

Map in current Word .docx format

Map in Adobe .pdf format