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Seven trophies for over-the-board events, other than the junior trophies which seem to have evaporated (it would be nice if they could be retrieved), have been in use, on or off, at some stage, in the last 50 years:




Woodhouse Cup (first)

League Division 1

I. M. Brown Shield

League Division 2

Silver Rook

League Division 3

A.G. Sunderland Cup

League Division 4 etc

Yorkshire Individual Championship Trophy

Yorkshire Individual Championship

Yorkshire Individual Lightning Championship Trophy

Yorkshire Individual Lightning Championship

Hardcastle Shield

Services to chess administration


(Additionally, there are correspondence chess trophies - Frank Avison Shield and Addingley Trophy, details of which are too difficult to recall at the time of writing.)


A certain amount of information about most of the above seven trophies resides on to Yorkshire Chess History website, as below:



The Woodhouse Cup seems to have evaded a write-up at present (Feb. 2021), bit there is a page on the start of the Woodhouse Cup competition here: http://mannchess.org.uk/Competitions/Woodhouse%20Cup%20Competition.htm.


The full  index to trophies on the Yorkshire Chess History website can be found at