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This website was launched in September 2017, as a YCA Year Book website, originally having been intended to


>  make available, on line, Year Book content,

    with some additional related material,

>  show mid‑season corrections and changes to club‑related information,


to which purposes were later added


>  showing mid-season changes and additions to the Event Calendar,

>  showing Event Results/Reports not covered by other sites, (see Home page) and

>  making generally available such Notices as may be contributed (see Home page).


The last three items were added in response to suggestions, ideas and wishes expressed by Yorkshire chess organisers from around the county.  Making a success of these added objectives inevitably depends on “proactive” journalistic endeavour on my part (something which can wane over time), but openness to external contributions is part of the underlying raison d’etre.


At the YCA AGM on 16/06/2018, in view of the discontinuing of the yorkhirechess.org website, which had hitherto been regarded as the “YCA website”, this website was adopted as the “YCA website”, though it remains independently owned and run.  The aim was to fulfil such requirements the YCA might have of such a website.


After the YCA AGM of 2022, at which some new officials were appointed, the YCA Officers decided there would be a new official YCA website which in time came into being.  Initially, some things like the YCA League Rules were omitted for no evident reason, so this website continued to carry those as a (necessary) service to the wider YCA membership.


For season 2023-24, a copy of the Rules was e-mailed to club representatives (presumably team captains at least), so this website adopted the assumption that the YCA would be ready to look after itself in the coming season as regards making the basic information necessary for the running of the Association available to team captains and the like, and also more widely via the new website as appropriate.


The Year Book, of which this webmaster was also the latest editor, collecting information and disseminating it in booklet form, was intentionally not produced in the immediate post-Covid season.  Although things are back on a relatively even post-Covid keel, production of a printed Year Book has not been resumed since, so saving the writer a lot of work which now falls (in so far as it gets done) to others.  (Yippee!)


By continuing to carry “Yorkshire Chess News”, this website plugs the gap formerly filled by the YCA Bulletin of yesteryear, albeit on an unofficial basis, and also provides for archiving of such things as detailed league results, which is clearly not within scope of the new YCA website.  The extensive archiving created by this site will thus continue.


Steve Mann,

September 2017, extended June 2018, extended September 2023