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People have been asking when the YCA AGM is to be held.  There is of course no reason why the writer should have more knowledge of this than the inquirers, but in one case a direct question to a YCA principal officer had received no reply; presumably at that stage things were undecided and perhaps the subject of contentious discussion.  In another case (which prompted this article) the inquirer was conscious of the shortage of time left for notification of a meeting as set out in the Constitution


Constitutionally, the AGM is to be held on a Saturday in June.  This year that means on June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd or 29th.  14 days’ notice of the meeting is required, though the more notice the better.  Thus the 1st and 8th must already be discounted by lack of notice time.  Of the remaining dates, the 22nd seems likely to be discounted as a possibility since it clashes with the Ilkley Congress.  That leaves just the 15th of June and 29th of June.


The bare minimum for a notice of a meeting is the date, place and start time.  Papers can follow, or in extremis be presented at the meeting, though good practice dictates that possibly contentious items such as proposed changes to the Constitution and/or Rules should be sent in accordance with the notice period of 14 days if not actually sent with the initial notice.  An ongoing review of Rules, presumably by just three or four YCA officers, has been mentioned with an announcement to come in due course.


So, if notice of the AGM is not received by relevant parties on or before Saturday June 1st, then the 15th of June is also discounted by lack of notice time, which would imply the AGM was to be on 29th of June – or things are not well.