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Yorkshire League Rule A16


The subject of non-application of Rule 5 arose recently, and that posed the question in the webmaster’s mind of whether Rule 16 was being correctly observed as regards legitimacy of board order with regard to rating.  Subject to one or two caveats, a violation of Rule 16 occurs if a player has a rating more than 150 points higher than that of a player on a higher board in the same team.


Ratings relevant to Rule 16 are the ECF “original” start-of-month ratings for the month in which the match is played.  There can be subsequent “Revised” ratings which can change at any stage during the month, but if these were to be used then in principle captains would need to check them on the morning of a match and possibly adjust their board orders accordingly.  Wording of the Rule could be tightened to make this clear by inclusion of the word “Original” as well perhaps as some rewording not using the word “list” which as such does not exist.


Rule A17 excludes unrated players from application of the 150-point test, though there is still provision for penalisation of dodgy practice.


Rule A18 similarly excludes from the 150-point test the recipients of defaults which are declared before the start of the match.  There are three games where this has to be invoked.


Unfortunately, Rule 16 makes no reference to rating categories of which there are currently three: “A”, “K” and “P”.  If one ignores this consideration, then among results reported to date (ignoring one persisting “New Player”) there have to date seemingly been 24 violations of Rule 16.  However, P-category ratings are usually disregarded for purposes such as these, and if we treat players with p-category ratings at the time in question as being unrated, then there have apparently been no violations so far of Rule 16 this season.  If p-category ratings are in fact to be discounted, then maybe the limitation to A-category and K-category ratings (exclusion of P-category ratings) ought to be specified in the rule.


Visual analysis of board orders on LMS is handicapped by the fact that rating categories are not shown, just the numeric part of the rating; also ratings quoted on LMS match results seem not quite always to be strictly accurate for one reason or another though for the most part they seem accurate.  So, the above is based on computer analysis using players’ relevant ratings as held on the ECF rating database.