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Penalty Points


Following the outcome of “Appeal 3” mentioned earlier here, the deduction of the penalty points referred to has now been applied to the league tables on LMS.  These penalties show in the column headed “SP” which stands for the enigmatic “Seasonal Penalties”, and the figures in the “Points” column reflect those penalties.  Of course, this “SP” column does not explain the nature of these match-point deductions.  It would be possible to add an appropriate note to the LMS match result pages concerned, but the YCA does not seem to use this facility.


LMS league tables also include a column headed “MP” which stands for “Match Penalty” which seems bad terminology as it represents deductions from a team’s game-point total.  Match points and game points are different things.  This column would be needed in the event of penalties being applied under Rule A16.


For the benefit of those who use the pages of this website which carry YCA League match results and league-cum-cross tables, a similar match-point adjustment total column, headed “PtAdj”, has been added as the rightmost column of league tables.  (As an example, see Division 1.)  A minus sign is included as “-1” seems clearer than “1”.  A “ForAdj” column would be needed in the event of Rule A16 being applied in any match.