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YCA Rules Now on YCA Website


Somewhat unexpectedly, the YCA League Rules have at long last been posted to the YCA website, about 20 months later than the launching of the site.  You click on “More” along the top of the home page then select “Resources” from the drop-list.


Who knows, the “Club” page might yet get updated with details of the venues for Meltham and Saltaire, even Doncaster.  Meltham and Saltaire are currently mentioned but with details “TBC”.  Doncaster does not even get a mention!


Adding the YCA League Result sheet mentioned in Rule A24 would not be a bad idea either.  It was on the new YCA website in the first season, but was removed, perhaps because it had “2022” appended to its name though of course it is not season-specific.  (The form was restored to this website so save the webmaster e-mailing it to people who asked for it.)