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1st Yorkshire Blitz Championship


It has been announced that the Ilkley Chess Centre as organiser, in conjunction with the YCA, is organising an over-the-board blitz event

at The Latvian Welfare Club, Clifton Villas, Bradford

on Saturday the 13th of July;

for full details see https://ilkleychesscentre.com/events.


There is to be a single section run as a 10-round Swiss with a time limit of 3 minutes for the game with a 2-second increment per move.


There are of course monetary prizes advertised, but the winner is to be awarded the Farthing Cup, presumably tenable until recalled for the next event (or after a year lest the event, in time, eventually fold and the cup be lost).


In an e-mail from Andrew Wainwright to all and sundry, the event was titled “1st Yorkshire Blitz Championship” suggesting a closed Yorkshire championship limited to “Yorkshire” players deemed eligible (as with the Yorkshire Individual Championship)The event has also been posted to the ECF Calendar at https://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/#event=77355854;instance=20240713093000?popup=1, where the word “Championship” is omitted.


Maybe some clarity is needed if it is the case that the Farthing Cup is not up for grabs to all.


The Farthing Cup was presented by Andrew Zigmond originally for the winning team in an on-line team all-play-all between teams representing North, South, East and West Yorkshire respectively.  (See here.)  South Yorkshire won the trophy but have since returned it.  It had been suggested the event be continued annually, but over the board once COVID restrictions had been lifted.